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In the Spotlight: Omorovicza

Skincare lovers can delve into the healing spas of Budapest without leaving the comfort of their own bathroom with Hungarian skincare brand Omorovicza. From mud masks to firming serums, the brand’s purifying skincare range delivers expert healing powers using ingredients extracted from the heart of Budapest. The brand has received worldwide praise and has multiple bestselling wonder products.

The Omorovicza Family

Omorovicza | Beauty Expert Blog

Omorovicza founders, Stephen and Margaret

Derived from the mineral-rich thermal waters of Hungary, Omorovicza are the healing and anti-ageing experts. Beginning over 2,000 years ago, the brand was discovered after the Omorovicza family built a spa on a site on a medieval healing spring.

Like a love story made in skincare heaven, 200 years later family descendant Stephen took his future wife Margaret to bathe in the thermal waters of Budapest. The couple were so amazed at how their skin felt that they teamed up with a Nobel Prize-winning laboratory to help them bottle up the water’s restorative qualities – and Omorovicza was born.

Omorovicza Racz Spa Retreat, Budapest | Beauty Expert Blog

Omorovicza Racz Spa Retreat, Budapest

The Best Omorovicza Products

Best Omorovicza Products | Beauty Expert Blog

From purifying mud to colloidal gold, Omorovicza skincare allows you to discover the most cutting-edge ingredients in the industry. Discover the best Omorovicza skincare products to add to your collection.


Queen of Hungary Mist

What are the key ingredients? A skincare favourite among beauty editors, this fine mist contains Hungarian Thermal Water to revitalise and refresh the complexion. Originally created for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in 14th Century and the world’s first recorded fragrance, you’ll love this lightweight facial mist.

When to use: Spritz whenever the skin needs a boost of hydration. It can be used as a toner, prep or finishing mist.


Deep Cleansing Mask

What are the key ingredients? This luxurious mask has been developed using the cleansing water from Hungary that the brand founders originally fell in love with. Combined with the unique mineral muds of Lake Hévíz, this mud mask dries slowly penetrating the skin gently.

When to use: Cleanse thoroughly using your favourite products, then take the amount of a 50p piece and smooth across your face, ensuring you avoid the delicate eye area. Once the products has completely dried, wash off with warm water.

Expert tip: Remove the balm with a muslin cloth. This enables the nourishing oils and minerals to remain on the face as a treatment for the skin.

Cleansing Foam

What are the key ingredients? This Cleansing Foam harnesses the brand’s patented Healing Concentrate™ delivery system to ensure that every use results in supple and younger-looking skin without dryness and dehydration. Paired with Apple Pectin and White Lupin extract, this miracle formula will become your new favourite cleanser.

When to use: We recommend you use this daily every morning. A pea-sized amount is ideal.


 Gold Flash Firming Serum

What are the key ingredients? One of the brand’s most popular products, this firming serum contains one of Omorovicza’s signature ingredients – Hungarian thermal waters. Combined with the brand’s patented innovative Hyrdro Mineral Transference, the serum’s minerals deeply penetrate the epidermis, strengthening and healing damage resulting in firmer, younger looking skin.

When to use: We recommend using every day. Once you’ve cleansed the skin, apply all over the face before applying your moisturiser.

Blue Diamond Super Cream

What are the key ingredients? Containing 3 – 5 amino acids and multifaceted diamonds, this super cream’s powers work by tricking skin cells into believing collagen has been compromised – causing them to create more. Its Dipalmitoyl Hydroxyprolin and Vitamin C gives your skin a radiance that is left plump and illuminated, as well as supercharging the skin’s ability to reverse the ageing process.

When to use: We recommend using this superpower every day after cleansing for optimal results.


Acid Fix

What are the key ingredients? If the beauty buzzword “acid” has already piqued your interest, you’re only going to be further convinced as you read on. Containing a mix of Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic Acids working together to remove dead cells, create a more even skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Omorovicza’s developers have combined these with Healing Concentrate™ to soothe and strengthen the skin surface. Finished off with Australian Caviar Lime extract to restore radiance and soften the complexion and Sodium Hyaluronate to replenish and retain hydration, this is the perfect multi-purpose serum.

When to use: Due to its mix of acids, we’d recommend using this serum 2-3 times per week instead of daily. Apply in the evening to awake with restored skin.

Discover our full range of Omorovicza products at Beauty Expert.


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