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Expert Advice: The Best Beauty Products for Hay Fever

Our in-house Pharmacist Hira recommends the best hay fever beauty products you need in your collection as the season blooms.

How to manage during Hay Fever Season

We may have had a slight delay in the arrival of spring this year but for many of us, hay fever or allergic rhinitis is still on the cards.  Whilst some of us will suffer from sneezing and watery eyes only occasionally, it is not as easy for others for whom hay fever season can be extremely difficult.

Our body is exceptional at protecting itself from harmful substances. When it comes into contact with something abnormal, it produces antibodies to attack the foreign substance. In those who suffer from hay fever, this process is stimulated when the body comes into contact with pollen. Pollen is completely safe for humans but in certain individuals it causes the body to respond by overreacting. This leads to sneezing, breathing difficulties, nasal secretions and watery itchy eyes. Some people can also suffer from pruritus and sensitive irritated skin.

Hay fever can affect up to 1 in 5 people and is very common, however those who suffer from eczema and asthma can be more prone to it as well as those with a family history of hay fever.

How to Treat and Manage Hay Fever

Most hay fever symptoms can be controlled with over the counter medication and by taking some lifestyle precautions.

Limiting contact with the allergen is one of the most effective ways to control the worsening of symptoms. Some steps to take include keeping windows and doors closed, drying washing indoors, changing bedding regularly and washing hands after returning from outside. These can all help keep pollen contact low.

Antihistamine tablets such as Cetirizine, Loratadine and Chlorphenamine are highly effective against sneezing and itchy skin whereas nasal sprays can help to decongest and control a runny nose. Sodium Cromoglicate eye drops will help with reducing redness, irritation and swelling of the eyes.

Best Hay Fever Skincare

As well as seeking treatment, there are a few skincare changes that can help you keep your skin looking great throughout the season.

One of my favourite products is the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Fluid which helps not only moisturise the skin but also helps to soothe and reduce irritation. It is non-comedogenic and has been clinically proven to work on ultra-sensitive or allergic skin and protect against stinging, itching, burning and redness. Use twice a day after cleansing for optimum results.

Best Hay Fever Makeup

When using makeup, choose anti-redness serums or green-coloured concealers formulated to counter redness. These help to balance your skin tone to give you an even finish.

Here are some of my favourites:

When it comes to makeup for eyes, waterproof mascara and eyeliners are a great choice as they will reduce smudging when your eyes water. There are some great mascaras which have been designed for sensitive eyes so there’s no need to avoid them.

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