Helping to repair your skin's barrier in order to keep the moisture locked in is a super effective, long-term fix to ensure you keep dryness at bay. Formulated by skincare scientists, our new facial skincare range aids to both restore your skin's barrier and boost moisture levels in the skin for transformative, effective results.

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After years of struggling with Keratosis Pilaris, Annette founded Ameliorate with the mission to create softer, smoother, healthier-looking skin for everybody. With a unique combination of ingredients the range not only helps KP but also hydrates very dry skin, prevents ingrown hairs and makes normal skin amazingly soft and smooth.

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Reveal smooth, supple skin with the range of intensive body care products from Ameliorate. Formulated to treat Keratosis Pilaris, dry bumpy skin, these high-performance formulas ensure that skin feels noticeably smooth and refined after every application. The bestselling Ameliorate Transforming Lotion is a must-have in your bodycare routine. 

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