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Found in USA, Xen Tan is the vision of Dera Enochson; a self-confessed self-tanner who was unhappy with the orange finish, unpleasant odours and transference that often came with self-tan. Thanks to its moisture-rich formula, Xen Tan has been developed using an odourless formula that provides a long-lasting, even looking tan every time. An innovative time-release ingredient allows Xen Tan to deelop slowly over time to reveal a smooth, even and natural looking tan every time. With 15 years experience in makeup artistry and product development, Dera strove to create a self tan that enables you to achieve a beautiful glow without putting your skin or health at risk. Formulated with that in mind, Xen Tan nourishes skin by releasing a plethora of skin benefiting ingredients including; Green Tea, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Gingko Biloba. Expect hydrated, nourished and beautiful golden skin.

how to apply xen tan lotion

Start with the feet. Using a tanning mitt, apply Xen Tan Lotion to the top of your foot in circular motions gradually moving down to your heel. Blend carefully between the toes, around the nail and under the foot and wipe off any excess using a cotton wool pad. Next, apply a small amount of Xen Tan Lotion to your shoulders, chest, stomach and arms using circular motions. Try and apply the tan as far round the sides of your body as you can reach. Apply Xen Tan Lotion to your back using a mirror to check for any missed spots. Finish by applying Xen Tan Lotion to your hands, making sure to rinse off any residue tan. Pat dry with cotton wool. 

how to apply xen tan transform luxe

Start with dry, exfoliated skin. Using a tanning mitt, apply Xen Tan Transform Luxe in circular motions. Blend evenly and pat off any residue with a cotton pad. Once applied, rinse hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. Wait 1-3 hours before showering depending on your desired look. Avoid light colours clothing for 24 hours. 

how to remove xen tan

To remove Xen Tan, start by exfoliating your skin. If the tan is stubborn, apply an oil-based moisturiser to help break down the composition of the tan. Once you feel your skin has softened, remove residue using a mitt in circular motions. 

how long does xen tan last

Xen Tan Lotion lasts for up to 7 days. However, Xen Tan Transform Luxe can be used to extend your tan. XenTan instant tan, Ins-tan-taneous is a transfer resistant tan that will stay on until you wash it off.

Top tip: To make your tan last-longer, avoid oil-based moisturisers. 

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