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Launched in 2009 by Jane Hibbert with the vision of creating an ‘uncompromised purity’, AromaWorks are a brand who proudly commit to 100% inclusion of both pure and natural ingredients in all of their products. The sophistication of the brand is only heightened by their dedication in ensuring that all ingredients used help to protect the natural world. Proud to be based in the UK, AromaWorks guarantee that all skincare and home fragrance products are both synthetic and cruelty free ensuring the very best for you and your home.


The ingredients used throughout their skincare range are chosen based on their ability to create a soothing experience whilst still achieving clinically effective results. The bio-active element in each of their products helps to combat your skin concerns whilst ensuring safe use for customers who are intolerant to gluten and nuts and also those who are pregnant. 

Home Fragrances

Made from only the most natural of ingredients, AromaWorks home fragrance collection promises relaxation and tranquillity. With candles made from natural soy and beeswax and luxurious mists and oils containing only the finest ingredients, this collection makes it possible to enjoy a completely guilt-free therapeutic experience. 

Essential Oils

Derived solely from nature’s finest ingredients, the essential oils collection promises to surround you with scents of purity whilst also promoting physical and mental relaxation. The 100% oil content guarantees to alleviate the stresses away.
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