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1 Month Using Swiss Clinic: The Review

1 Month Using Swiss Clinic: The Review

I am such a lover of scientific-skincare, and I’m fascinated by the results I can achieve using a combination of 100% natural and scientifically-driven products. I find that usually, the brands with scientific products have the most interesting stories and different products, which is something I have discovered while using Swiss Clinic.

On first impression of opening my parcel, I was so impressed with the quality of the packaging. The sheen of the silver serum and the feel of the microneedle patches just screams “quality”, however amazingly these products still have a higher end or affordable price alongside them.

Swiss Clinic

Swiss Clinic Rejuvenating Serum

This serum is SO nice, not oily or sticky and absorbs into your skin very quickly, so no complaints there! The only thing I would suggest is to use this when you are older than 22, I really enjoy using this product however I think someone older who is seeing the first signs of collagen diminishing would really be able to see visible results.

I would also suggest using a dermaroller before this serum, luckily I am a huge fan of dermarolling anyway so I tried combining the 2 and you can definitely feel the serum working deeper in your skin when you add this step to your routine.

I definitely noticed that any red, dry or problem areas on my skin healed much quicker when using this product, making for a much more even skin tone. This is one of the main benefits that Swiss Clinic talk about on their website:

Specially developed to work on acne scars and hyperpigmentation

It also didn’t aggravate my skin at all so I would say this would be perfect for sensitive skin. My skin felt very moisturised after using the Swiss Clinic Rejuvenating Serum, and I honestly can’t complain.

Would I repurchase once it’s empty? Yes!

Swiss Clinic Hyaluronic Microneedle Patches

These were such a shock to my system, I’ve never seen anything like them before! I am a regular user of under-eye patches, and of dermarolling, so combine the 2 is very innovative! The patches felt rather thick in the packaging before I applied them, but I didn’t think too much of it. I assumed that the name “Microneedle” patches just added to suggest that the product replicated the effect of microneedling, but boy was I wrong! The patches have actual microneedles in them, so I think I was a bit too heavy-handed upon application because when I slapped them under my eyes they felt a bit sore.

After doing a bit of googling, I found that each patch has 148 “microstructures” that plump 100% Hyaluronic Acid into your skin. I left overnight, and I did look rather plump and shiny when I took them off in the morning! I think these would work SO well for someone who is experiencing fine lines and wrinkles, an overnight INJECTION of Hyaluronic Acid under your eyes, an ingredient that holds 1000x its weight in water, what more could you need?

Would I repurchase? No, just because I don’t have fine lines, if I did I would repurchase in a heartbeat.

Swiss Clinic Teeth Whitening System

I was so excited to try these as the Swiss Clinic website promises the “same results as at the dentist” – a HUGE promise. To start with, I did really struggle to fit the mouth trays to my mouth. I think I had to re-mould them 2 or 3 times and I still felt like I was clenching to hold them in for the whole hour procedure, so I got a bit of jaw ache afterwards. Also be prepared to drool a bit but I think that comes with any teeth whitening trays.

I started the teeth whitening process when my teeth were about a 10-11 on the scale that comes with the pack, and to say there were only 3 syringes in the pack, I definitely got 4-5 uses out of them so they’re really good value.

I definitely have to say that my teeth look a much whiter shade about an 8 now, whilst still looking really natural, and I have had a couple of comments on my teeth since using it.

The formula is really gentle on teeth and gums, they don’t cause any sensitivity or aggravation.

Would I repurchase? Yep!

Swiss Clinic



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