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Designed by professional makeup artists Samantha and Nicola Champman, Real Techniques combine high-tech materials with innovative designs to ensure that creating a pixel-perfect look is easier than ever. Both talented and creative in the make-up industry, Samantha and Nic grew up and surrounded by makeup with their Aunt being a top celebrity makeup artist so their passion for beauty started at a very young age. Understanding the importance of having the right tools, Sam and Nic wanted to educate women on using the right tools; essential for perfecting a flawless face, enhancing eyes and of course creating the perfect finish.

Flawless Base

Essential for creating the perfect canvas, the pointed foundation brush will give you that effortless application. As the brush is angled, it allows you to build up the coverage; helping you achieve high definition results. The multi-functional sponge from the range has been designed to give you the perfect complexion and doing so in the most simplest and enjoyable form possible. It’s great for blending in larger areas of your face but the precision tip means it’s perfect for covering up smaller areas.

Enhanced Eyes

Create subtle to dramatic results with the shading brush. It’s light and easy to use and will help enhance your eyes, whatever the occasion. For precise application of liquid or cream eyeliner, it’s a must-have for any make-up bag. The brush features a silicone tip so it’s works effectively but doesn't pull or tug on your skin. The lash and brow groomer features a 2-in-1 brush that helps to define lashes as well as grooming your brows; ensuring your lashes and brows and in perfect place all day long.

Perfect Finish

Perfect for creating those finishing touches, the setting brush is essential for adding a dusting of powder or highlighter to your look. It’s super soft and is a smaller version of the powder brush so it can be used to apply powder and help set your foundation but can also be used to apply highlighter. Sets


The ultimate collection brush set features everything you need for the perfect coverage; a detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, buffing brush and contour brush. Packaged in a professional case and stand, you’ll have the tools needed for a flawless coverage. Perfect for those on the go, the travel essentials kit includes everything you need to create flawless make-up, wherever you are!

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