Bakel Skincare

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When it comes to effective skin treatments that really work wonders, Bakel Skincare is always a top performer. This Italian brand was established by formula researcher Raffaella Gregoris, who throughout her career became increasingly aware of ingredients in many skin care products that were both harmful and ineffective. Spurred on by this concern, Gregoris took matters into her own hands and brought to life this top quality brand, creating products that only contain active ingredients that work to produce beneficial results. Putting the quality of the products before anything else, she worked hard with a team to put together a range of different formulas that are kind to skin and contain “zero useless substances”. With this philosophy in mind, the brand has truly put its stamp on the skin care industry once and for all.

This collection contains a mix of innovative and traditional skin care products, all of which will produce wonderful results. You can pick up a sensitive body wash, an effective eye serum or even a delicate deodorant from this varied range, as well as some seriously unique treats. Try out the Suncare Very High Protection Face and Eye Area cream, for example – not only does this sun cream protect against harmful UV rays, but it also works to fight anti-aging and to tone skin, making it the perfect companion for your summer holiday! If you’re keen to keep a healthy glow too, then pick up the Suncare Healthy Tan Secret Anti-Ageing Tan Accelerator to both help your skin to tan quickly and to combat anti-aging. Containing treatments that you can use all year round, you’ll find your next skin care solution, sun cream or tan accelerator within this quality range at, with free delivery worldwide.

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