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Designed to give you younger, brighter-looking skin, the FOREO range at has something to offer all skin types. Incorporating the latest dermatological and cosmetic research, this innovative brand offer targeted skin solutions. Gentle on skin, these products will allow you to achieve the results of a professional facial in the comfort of your own home. Founded in Sweden, the brand create innovative products which combine aesthetically-pleasing designs with excellent functionality. Crafted using ground-breaking technologies, their luxury range of products ensure you see visible results.

How does the Foreo LUNA™ work?

The Foreo LUNA™ combines sophisticated T-Sonic™ technology with a soft, silicone brush for deep yet gentle cleansing that helps to improve the absorption of skincare products. Featuring soft silicone touch-points, the Foreo LUNA™ boasts a unique, reverse surface which channels lower-frequency pulsations to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. Fully waterproof, it also has 8-speed adjustable intensities, so you can find the perfect level for your skin care needs. Just two minutes of use with the Foreo LUNA™ both morning and evening will leave your skin looking healthier and more radiant in as little as three days.

What is the Foreo ISSA™?

The Foreo ISSA™ is a revolutionary toothbrush that is bound to change the world of dental care. Made from silicone, the low frequency pulsations of this innovative dental device effectively removes plaque without causing pain to your teeth or gums. 

How to use foreo issa

Place your regular toothpaste onto your FOREO ISSA™ and turn it on. Using just the same as a manual brush, brush your teeth for two minutes in circular motions. Rinse your mouth with water and clean your FOREO ISSA™.

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