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Leading the way in hair care innovation, BaByliss are a brand that boasts over 50 years expertise in the industry. Adored by beauty editors, celebrities and haircare fanatics alike, the brand are proud to offer salon-standard products to the wider public. Crafted using the latest innovative technology, the BaByliss hair care range offers everything from hair dryers, to straighteners, to curlers, that leave your hair with a sleek, fuss-free style every time. Discovered by famous Parisian designer, Monsieur Lelievre, BaByliss combine expertise with innovation to create high-performance, salon-grade products.

When was BaByliss founded?

Originally Conair Corporation, BaByliss was founded in 1959 by French hair designer, Monsieur Lelievre. Developed as a professional haircare brand, BaByliss strove to create technological advancements that would later put them at the forefront of the industry. Adhering to professional requirements including performance, precision and protection – BaByliss have been revolutionising the hair care industry for decades.

How to use BaByliss heated rollers

  • Start by dividing your hair from the ears and clip in place, leaving a small section of hair down.
  • Section the remaining hair into pieces about an inch wide.
  • Place a heated roller at the bottom of the hair, rolling up until you reach the scalp. Secure using one of the clips provided.
  • Repeat on each section, doing both the left and the right side before the top.
  • Secure with hairspray and leave for 45 minutes.
  • How to use BaByliss curl secret

  • Start with clean, dry hair
  • Separate hair into sections of about 3cm wide.
  • Insert the hair into the styler making sure the open part of the curl chamber is facing towards the scalp.
  • Hold the styler still and allow it to draw the hair in until it beeps.
  • Once the styler sounds four quick beeps, release the handles and pull away to reveal the perfect curl.
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