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Discover bathing products with a twist from Bubble T, the Taiwanese inspired bath products that are bright, colourful and fun! Stemming from the iconic Bubble Tea drinks, which have taken the world by storm with their blend of tea base and fruity flavour, the bathing range contains products that are fruity and fragrant to make your daily wash something to look forward to.

These products don’t just look and smell fantastic, but they feel great and work wonders too – the tea properties within each bathing product provide a range of different benefits to your well-being, be it sleep aid, increased blood circulation or ensuring that you feel completely energised. By combining the benefits of tea with the cleansing properties of bathing treatments, the brand has successfully created a range that promises to produce results for you. With an assortment of products available, you can pick up different treatments to completely enhance your bathing routine, so take a look through the full collection here at BeautyExpert.com and save with free delivery worldwide.

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