Christophe Robin

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Christophe Robin has had a love for colour from a very young age, becoming an Artistic Manager for Jean Louis David, the Parisian styling visionary, at 19, he developed new hair colouring techniques that would later turn the hair colouring world upside down. He quickly became the colourist to the stars, being responsible for Linda Evangelist’s constant colour changes and Kate Moss’ long standing, lustrous blonde locks amongst many other models and celebrities. With this revolutionary genius leading the way for colour, women can now view hair colouring as an additional form of make up that helps bring out their shine and confidence. He makes hair colouring an art form, using light and contrasting shades to bring out a woman’s complexion, eyes and skin.

With a career colouring the hair of models all over the world, this industry expert understands the importance of deeply repairing and restoring frequently coloured hair. This is at the core of his hair care line with a range of products that nourish, protect and moisturise sensitive or damaged hair with a host of ingredients that are all naturally derived. Wheat germ oil, lavender, lemon, camomile and blueberry all help to protect the treated hairs shine and preserve its colour by preventing the leakage of colour pigments in artificial hair colour.

Christophe wanted a range that would help clients treat and maintain their hair colour in their own homes and not just the salon. With a team of experienced formulators, he has successfully developed a range that responds to the needs of coloured hair weakened by chemical colouring agents. Treat your coloured hair today and save with free delivery worldwide here at

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