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Founded as a limited beauty company by Ibs Ansari and David Herman back in 1992, BeautyPro boasts a worldwide recognition within the beauty industry for the past 21 years. As the inventors and innovators of using steam to create hot towels for the professional beauty, spa and hairdressing sector, BeautyPro decided to bring the famous Hot Towel Steamer to the highstreet in 2004, and since then, its taken the world by storm. More recently, always innovating and looking for new ways to achieve optimum beauty, BeautyPro have introduced the HydraTest pen.

What is the BeautyPro HydraTest pen?

The BeautyPro HydraTest pen is a nifty, handy-sized device that gives you instant and correct skin analysis. The pen-sized tool is used by beauty therapists to target skin concerns, and works by examining the skin's oil and hydration level information. BeautyPro products are available to buy here at Beauty Expert.

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