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Originally created to sooth cracked, sore hands, the Hand Chemistry range has expanded to deal with the body and feet to intensely moisturise and protect to keep you looking younger for longer. Your hands go through a lot and they can also give away your age when you begin to age. Therefore, it’s important to look after them with high quality products which will hydrate and prevent moisture loss for younger looking hands.

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream

Made to luxuriously condition and hydrate your hands, this hand cream simultaneously targets eight visible signs of ageing. With a 19.5% active complex concentration, your skin firmness, brightness and texture will be dramatically improved, leaving your hands looking smoother and even-toned. This fast-acting multi-tasking hand cream is designed to give visible results after just 11 days of use and increases the skin moisture content by 11% in just 12 hours. Sacha inchi oil and maize proanediol are used to create a protective barrier over the skin, helping your hands to lock in moisture for longer. 

Hand Chemistry Heel Hydration Complex

Designed to topically hydrate cracked skin on the heels, this foot cream also works to re-balance hydration levels from below the surface to prevent the traditional hard skin cycle. Containing a biotechnical derivative of the mushroom which has shown to be 400 times more moisturising than hyaluronic acid, it can be used on the heels, elbows, hands and other areas suffering from extreme dryness. Formulated to increase skin hydration by 90% in just two weeks, this product repairs cracked skin to keep your feet and other areas happy.

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