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The brainchild of Britta Cox, Aquis is an innovative haircare brand that aims to create the world’s best hair towels. With long blonde hair worn in a natural beachy style, Britta found it difficult to keep her hair looking and feeling truly beautiful using conventional towels and hair dryers. Working in a Korean lab, Britta developed Aquitex, a unique and absorbtant fabric that withdraws water from the hair without the friction damage caused by towel drying. Just wrap it up, and Aquis does the rest.

Women all around the world are discovering a better way to care for their hair and restore its natural beauty. Even the longest hair can avoid friction and dry faster when gently wrapped in Aquis’ innovative towels. Aquis is not just easier on your hair, it’s easier for you. Thanks to its super-absorbent properties, Aquis saves you valuable time, cutting your morning haircare routine from hours to minutes.

What Aquis towel is right for me?

Aquis understand that no two hairstyles are the same and that is why they offer a luxury range of hair towels to suit every hair type.  Length: Long towels are for long hair, otherwise choose regular. Favric: Lisse Luxe is best for delicate hair and curls whilst Waffle Luxe is best for thick hair. Format: Turbans are the most convenient choice for all hair types, rendering your hands free. Light and easy to use, Aquis towels leave hair unstressed and suitably shining with health and radiance. Wrap and relax!

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