We know it’s not winter yet ladies, but even in the summer, you can find your hands in dire need of some tender lovin’ care. So why not try out award-winning skincare brand Hand Chemistry, which has just launched here at Beauty Expert. Aside from the title stating ‘Hand Chemistry’, it’s not just hands that these skincare experts help stay beautiful. Hand Chemistry can be used on both your hands and the rest of your body, and contains high concentrations of clinically proven active ingredients aimed at targeting ageing. So if turning back the clock a few years is something you’re looking to do, check out some of our gems from that range that will help you do just that.


Hand Chemistry Products

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex

If you’re looking for a hand cream that intensely targets the appearance of your skin’s firmness, elasticity, density, brightness…wow the list is endless! The Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex hand cream on Beauty Expert is the one for you. Unfortunately, ageing hands can’t be hidden away behind clothes, they’re always on show – and you want them to look their best. This hand cream, which is enriched with an active concentration, will produce visible results in only 11 days, leaving you with hydrated, smoother and younger looking hands.

Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate

Okay, we know it sounds complex, but the Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Concentrate really is a walk in the park of a product. Often ageing parts of the body such as hands, decolletage and body are neglected, as we’re bombarded with beauty products that tell us we need to stop time in its tracks on our face. The Hyaluronic Concentrate promises to deliver highly active, anti-ageing ingredients to all areas (even the ones you’ve forgotten about!), ensuring your skin stays hydrated, plumper and wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced.

Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Concentrate

This ultra-concentrated hydration complex is all you need to drench your hands with a soak of hydration. The Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Concentrate contains five hydration active technologies from marine and plant sources, that promise to provide deep and lasting hydration to your skin – and you’ll see the dramatic, visible differences. It’s the perfect saviour for dry skin, and is great for the upcoming Autumn months where the days will be getting colder, leaving your hands slightly dryer. A must-have for anyone who suffers from dry skin on their hands.

Are you going to try any of the Hand Chemistry products? Don’t forget, you can shop the full Hand Chemistry range here at Beauty Expert!



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