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Nurture your wellbeing with ila-spa’s solution to mindful skincare

We all know that beauty is never simply skin deep, but sometimes we need a gentle reminder. It’s all too easy to become swept up in turbulent world events and everyday stresses, which is why ila-spa takes you tenderly by the hand on a journey towards mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Born of a belief that we are at our most beautiful when we are completely ourselves, ila-spa lovingly sources natural ingredients to create illuminating products. Designed to be used while nurturing your sense of wellbeing, the brand fosters lasting connections between communities through mindful skincare practices.

Although ila-spa has cultivated a number of transformative collections, how they’re used is all down to you. Here are some ways you can transition to a more mindful skincare routine today:

Take it slow

The grounding principle of mindfulness is to be fully engaged in the present moment, so make sure you focus all your attention on the task at hand. Although it might be tempting to splash water on your face in between waking up and grabbing your morning coffee, you can easily turn cleansing into a meditative practice. Take the first step today and slow down your skincare routine.

Using the Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty, massage your face and neck while rooting your mind in the here and now. Prepare a warm flannel and carefully wipe your face clean, taking a moment to enjoy its refreshed feel.

Engage your senses

Your senses are key when it comes to living in the present, making the Hydrolat Toner for Hydrating the Skin the perfect addition to your mindful skincare routine. Containing only the purest distilled water from organic rose petals, the toner has a divine floral scent. For centuries, rose water has been used as a perfume, renowned for its powerful yet easily recognisable fragrance. When applying the toner, be sure to breathe deeply, centring yourself in this mindful moment of self-care.

Be aware of texture

Texture will always be important when it comes to skincare, with rich creamy consistencies working well on dry skin, and lighter gels suiting oily skin types better. But texture can also make skincare a sensory, mindful experience. In the same way that oils make massages deeply therapeutic, the Face Oil for Glowing Radiance can encourage you to pause and appreciate your natural beauty. The oil’s luxuriously silky texture glides across skin, leaving it subtly transformed. Carefully build a gentle warmth with your fingertips as the oil absorbs and thank your body for everything it does for you.

Be open to transcendence

Stepping outside of your own experiences can help to liberate you from spiralling thoughts. With many people feeling anxious over the environment and ethics, ila-spa’s commitment to working with small farming communities that span the globe links you to a greater sense of purpose. Working tirelessly to source the purest natural ingredients in the most sustainable way, ila-spa products embody an all-encompassing love for the planet that radiates into your life.

When applying the Face Serum for Glowing Radiance, know that it connects you to communities all over the world, creating a sense of oneness in the inspiring beauty of both nature and humanity.

“What I hope is that those who use ila products at home start to feel a real sense of daily healing and fulfilment.”

(Denise Leicester, Founder of ila-spa)




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