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Beauty Expert’s Guide to Facial Cleansers

Cleansing may seem like a rather basic step in skincare, but it really is one of the most effective ways of maintaining healthy & vibrant skin. As Decleor skincare specialist explains, “if your skin isn’t totally clean, it stops anything you apply next from absorbing effectively”. All those efforts to diligently apply that new serum, eye cream or moisturiser may be ineffective if the products are unable to fulfil their potential. We like to think of it as the foundation skincare. When it comes to finding the best cleanser, it’s really important to let your skin be the guide. We want to make the whole process a whole lot easier, so we’ve put together a quick guide to help you decide which facial cleansers are best for which skin types.

Micellar Water Cleanser for the Quick Cleanse

Quick and easy to use, a micellar cleanser is a real lifesaver for when you’re on the go and for those late nights! While you usual cleansing routine may seem like a chore, micellar versions don’t even need water to work. Better still, they leave no oily residue and can be used to remove eye & lip make-up too!

Who is it best for – Everyone! Most micellar waters have been formulated to be extra gentle – making them perfect for sensitive skin types!

How is it used – Simply dampen a cotton wall pad/ball with the solution and sweep it across your face! Pay special attention to the eye & lip area if you’re removing make-up!

Try: Our favourite has to be the Micellar Cleansing Water from Garnier. Get beautifully cleansed and refreshed skin in an instant. Better still, the cleanser comes in a generous 400ml size so it’ll last forever!

Foaming Cleansers for the Fresh Cleanse

Transforming from a liquid into a bubbly lather, foaming facial cleansers work by lifting dirt away from the skin, leaving your complexion super fresh & clean! Most foaming cleansers today are free from ingredient such as SLS and soap, meaning you can get that really fresh and cleaning feeling, but without the tightness!

Who it is best for – Most foaming cleansers are suitable for all skin types, with most being far milder & luxurious than they used to be.

How is it used – Simply wet your face first and then apply the product. Massage to lather and then thoroughly rinse with clean water.

Try: We love the Instant Foaming Cleanser from Caudalie! This lightweight formula transforms itself into an airy foam; giving you an effective yet gentle cleansing process. It’s also suitable for sensitive skin!

Cream Cleanser for the Pampering Cleanse

From cleansing milks to butters, cream facial cleansers are great for giving you that luxurious cleanse! It’s often the case that that the thicker the formula, the better it tends to be for removing make-up.

Who is it best for – Great for dry skins, cream cleansers will leave your skin feeling plump & nourished! Similar to foaming cleansers, you may need to double cleanse when removing make-up. But that doesn’t matter, because you feel like you’re having a real pamper when you opt for a cream cleanser!

How is it used – Although cream cleansers be used morning & night, creamy cleansers are a real treat in the evening. Simply massage onto dry skin & remove with a muslin cloth.

Try: The Restore and Replenish Cream Cleanser from Balance Me is not only effective at removing make-up, it also boosts hydration and radiance too! Its also proven to improve collagen so it’s great if you are 25+!

Oil Cleanser for the Full Cleanse

Although cleansing oils may be a foreign territory for many of us, its make-up removing ability is incredible! The cleansing oils within most facial cleansers tend to be ultra-fine, which then become emulsified when in contact wi
th water.

Who is it best for – Oil cleansers are great if you tend to wear lots of make-up, or if you want to avoid rubbing your skin too much! If your skin is more on the dry type then you will love it. For oilier skin types, you might want to follow up with a toner.

How is it used Simply massage into the skin and let the fine oil particles begin to work!

Try: When it comes to Oil Cleansers, we love the Decleor Micellar Oil. Heavy make-up is removed in an instant & your complexion will be left feeling nourished, refreshed & revitalised! What’s not to love?!

Kerry Courtney

Kerry Courtney

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