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Is Your Office Ageing You?

Is your office ageing you? We all know that hectic office environments can increase stress levels and deplete our immune systems, but did you know that your desk could be rapidly ageing you, too? We sit down with celebrity dermatologist and skin specialist Dr Nyla Raja to uncover the top five ways the office is making you older, and what you can do to prevent it…

Air Conditioning

Is your office ageing you

Whatever the weather outside, office temperatures are generally regulated with heating or air conditioning. These devices can cause your skin to become dry, and as most of us wear makeup to work it’s not practical to apply moisturiser through the day.

Prevention: A good hydrating skincare product will reduce dryness and redness, and can also act as a barrier for the skin.

We Recommend: Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner

Free from alcohol, but bursting with repairing rosehip oil and hydrating water, this aromatic moisture mist provides instant hydrating for thirsty skin. Keep it on your desk for top-ups throughout the day.

Staying Indoors

Is your office ageing you

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Staying indoors all day means we don’t get anywhere near enough exposure to sunshine – many people don’t even leave the office at lunch time. The effects of Vitamin D deficiency can cause a variety of skin problems, including dullness, acne and psoriasis.

Prevention: Consume foods that naturally contain Vitamin D or that are fortified in Vitamin D, and make a conscious effort to go outside during breaks.

Looking Down

Is your office ageing you

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t have their desks laid out correctly, meaning many office workers are looking down, and also not moving their head or neck for long periods of time. Even higher risk are those involved in social media, as they will be looking down at a mobile phone or tablet even more than those in other careers. This lack of correct posture causes the muscles to shorten and become fatigued, leaving you with jowls and sagging skin on the neck.

Prevention: Facial and neck exercises can minimise the severity of jowls. Take breaks from your computer or smartphone, and position the screens so that your head doesn’t need to tilt downwards.

Squinting & Frowning In Concentration

Is your office ageing you

Many of you don’t realise the facial expressions that you pull whilst you’re thinking or concentrating. Plenty of office workers will squint, frown and scrunch up their face on a regular basis – causing a range of wrinkles.

Prevention: It’s worth getting an eye test to make sure that squinting is not caused by a problem with your vision. Adjust the lighting in your office to suit your surroundings.

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Sitting Down

Is your office ageing you

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In order to produce collagen, the body needs to be stimulated by physical movement. When movement is minimal, collagen production decreases and the effects are seen in the ageing of our skin. Furthermore, not moving as much as we should can lead to increased cellulite and loss of muscle tone.

Prevention: Stretch your legs regularly during your working day, including exercises while you’re sat down and also getting up for a quick walk. Try to include more walking during your day – could you walk to work instead of driving or taking public transport?




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