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5 Simple Makeup Looks for the Office

5 Simple Makeup Looks for the Office | Beauty Expert

Find your Perfect Simple Makeup Look for the Office

If you work in an office, this often entails long hours and a busy lifestyle. If you choose to wear makeup, simple makeup is key and it’s important to pick products that work just as hard as you do. We recommend opting for long wear formulas that won’t separate or crease as the day goes on. The key is to start your routine with a hydrating moisturiser that will create a smooth canvas to layer the products. If you use a moisturiser with sun protection, this also eliminates a step from your skincare.

5 Minutes or Less

Hitting the snooze button too many times? We’re all guilty of often leaving the house feeling like you’ve chosen sleep over makeup. However, if you can spare just five minutes, we’ve found the products to create a simple makeup look that save you that precious time in the morning. To maximise the time, it’s best to spend the most time on applying concealer and brows.

Focus on the Eyes

If you have more time on your hands, makeup is a great way to draw attention to your eyes. If you wear glasses, eyeliner and bold mascara makes the eyes stand out from beyond the frames. The By Terry Eye Designer Palette houses ten nude eye shadows that look natural but with a modern twist.

The Stay all day Base

The commuter’s worst nightmare: patchy foundation at the end of the day. Check out our top picks for a long lasting base that doesn’t budge.

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Bold Brows

Bold brows don’t have to take a long time to perfect. For natural brows that last all day, we advise using a cream brow formula or a waterproof brow definer. To set, apply a waterproof brow gel and highlight using a matte cream eye shadow.

Statement Lip

Whether your workplace has a ‘dress down Friday’, you have plans after work, or just prefer a bold lip, you can’t go wrong with a statement lip look. With a selection of finishes varying from lipstick to liquid lipstick, matte to gloss, we’ve sourced the best long lasting picks to make sure you won’t worry about it fading down and needing to top up.



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