There was a time when false lashes were thick, itchy strip things that were applied with stringy white glue. The glue would clump along the natural lash line and collect make up to end up looking like some kind of contagious eye disease. They were theatrical and frankly a bit camp. Roll on a few years to 2009 and they are on every girls wish list.


Latest versions won’t make you look like Pricilla Queen of the Desert but will beautifully fill out and intensify your own. Think Cheryl or Angelina. It’s said they can take 10 years off you by opening up the eye area and making you look girly and coy. That just sold them to me all over again. My favourites are Eylure Flirt and Eylure Romantic. These are both highly glam but not too over the top.


The trick of course is in the application. You need an orange stick not a cotton bud or you’ll get fluff stuck everywhere. Peel them off the strip (make sure you get the right lash for the right eye). Run the glue along the back and then position on the lash line. Stick the outter corner first to get it in the right place and then gently press the rest on with the orange stick. Leave it to dry for a second. If you want to use mascara on your own lashes put that on first otherwise the brush will lift off the falsies. You can add liquid liner on top and shadow but don’t let it fall down onto the lashes or you end up with a ‘caked’ look. I would put the shadow on first and then put liner on top.


If you want a dramatic party look there’s feathers, lace, gemstones and even stars to chose from. Have fun with them and watch the reaction. An easy way to knock 10 year off your age!



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