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Sleep Advice with NEOM Organics

Sleep Advice with NEOM Organics | Beauty Expert

An Exclusive Interview with NEOM Organics Founder Nicola Elliott

When it comes to creating a relaxing beauty routine, NEOM Organics are the experts. With a host of indulgent products to choose from, it’s never been easier to create the perfect evening regime to destress and unwind. In celebration of World Sleep Day, we spoke to Nicola Elliott, NEOM Organics Founder, to ask her advice and tips to achieve the perfect night’s sleep.

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Question: What is your best tip for falling asleep when anxious?

Spending a little extra time on your wind-down routine. I am religious about a routine anyway, a bath and at least 10 minutes of reading are staple for me but if I’m feeling anxious, I’ll spend longer in the bath and get into bed half an hour earlier than usual

Question: Which three products do you recommend for aiding sleep?

The NEOM Organics Tranquility Luxury Scented Candle, Scent to Sleep Body Oil and the Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist

Question: What's your most important habit for a good night's sleep?

Make time to wind down, you can’t just get into bed after a hectic day and expect to fall asleep immediately!

Question: Should we switch off from phones an hour before bed?

There’s tons of research to say we should but I think it’s about finding out what works for you – what works for one person won’t work for another!

Question: What is your best tip for those who wake up throughtout the night?

Don’t turn your phone on and try not to stress out about it (easier said than done I know) Try taking some deep breaths and try letting go of the racing thoughts!

Question: Can a tidy bedroom aid restful sleep?

I think what’s more important is creating a tranquil space, whatever your version of that is.

Our bedroom is very neutral, calm colours and warm lighting is important for me.

Question: How many hours of sleep should we be getting each night?

Again there’s so much research on this, it’s said to be between 7‐9 hours but I think it completely depends on you as a person. I definitely need my 8 hours!

Question: What are the effects of a lack of sleep on our skin?

Well let’s face it, you can’t look good if you don’t feel good and your skin always looks it’s absolute best after a great night’s sleep.

We developed a really powerful sleep formula for our Perfect Night Sleep Face Oil, it’s full of antioxidants and is combined with our Tranquillity fragrance to give you the best possible night’s sleep whilst restoring your cells overnight!

Question: What are the foods to eat before bed?

Foods that are rich in Magnesium to help relax you; banana, nuts or a honey drink. I also take a Magnesium supplement every night.

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