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The 3 rules of hydration everyone should follow

Like any other part of your body, your skin needs water to function effectively. Without the right amount of hydration, skin becomes dry, tight and flaky. But what are the benefits of drinking lots of water? And is consuming a couple of litres a day the best way to rehydrate? Wellness Guru, Shannon Vaughn, revealed her ultimate rules of hydration to health website Well and Good and we were dying to know what they were.

Drink warm water

Believe it or not drinking warm water can prevent ageing whilst removing toxins from the body. Speaking to, wellness guru Shannon Vaughn, told of how she prefers to drink water at room temperature as opposed to ice cold. “Ice water shocks the system, and I can only drink so much of it. I also don’t want to coffee or tea that’s not comfortable to swallow.” She said.

Whilst hydrating the body, warm water also helps improve blood circulation and promotes healthy hair growth, driving energy to your hair cells and making your locks glossy.

Drink most of your water before lunch

Even with a bottle of water on your desk, it’s easy to slip off the band wagon when life gets busy. Shannon told the health website that to get the most out of her hydration she makes ‘designated drinking’ times. “You’ve really got to get used to drinking water, and I think the easiest thing to do is create a habbit.” She said. “I drink the first litre on an empty stomach when I wake up. Then, I drink another litre 30 minutes before lunch; a half-litre 2 hours after lunch; a half-litre 30 minutes before inner; and a small glass 2 hours after dinner and right before bed.”

Don’t drink water with meals

Whilst some experts believe that drinking water during a meal helps with weight loss, others say that it may interfere with digestion. Shannon believes that water should be off limits for 2 hours after a large meal such as lunch or dinner. She says: “If you don’t have any water at the table, you’ll realize you need to chew your food better in order to swallow it,” she says. “You’ll slow down the way you’re eating.” And really, a few more mindful moments in the day would be enough to make anyone look a little more glowy, right?

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