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Ingredient in Focus: Lactic Acid

Why Lactic Acid is the Secret to Balanced Skin

The beauty world is always buzzing about skincare acids, and for good reason. From hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to radiance-boosting Glycolic Acid to pollution-fighting Ferulic Acid, there are multiple skincare benefits that acids can deliver. Discover why Lactic Acid is one of the ingredients that should be on your radar to achieve your best skin yet.

What is Lactic Acid?

Found in sour milk, Lactic Acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid, making it an active skincare ingredient that is most suited towards dry, combination and normal skin types. When used correctly and with the correct concentration, Lactic Acid skincare formulas can refine and resurface the skin without using harsh exfoliating scrubs.

What are the Benefits of Lactic Acid Skincare?

From the first application, lactic acid formulas work to sweep away surface impurities and gently exfoliate and polish the skin. By removing dead skin cells, this allows new radiant skin to come through, with a more smooth and even skin texture. By stimulating cell renewal and collagen production, this ensures that a new layer of skin is both healthy and balanced. Lactic Acid is also anti-ageing as it softens fine lines and helps to reverse the appearance of sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Exfoliating skincare products should always be used with caution and in the correct frequency – overuse can cause irritation if the skin is not accustomed to potent skincare. Always use daily SPF when using active skincare ingredients such as Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Retinol and Vitamin C.

What are the Best Lactic Acid Skincare Formulas?

  1. The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% Superficial Peeling Formulation
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    The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA 2% Superficial Peeling Formulation

    A mild peeling treatment to kickstart your Lactic Acid love affair, you’ll love the Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2% Superficial Peeling Formulation from purse-friendly results-driven beauty brand The Ordinary. For those who already use Lactic Acid in their routine, there is a more potent 10% concentration however we’d recommend the 5% potency for beginners. For best results, apply in the evening, either as a topical treatment or diluted in a serum or moisturiser.

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  2. Oskia Renaissance Mask
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    Oskia Renaissance Mask

    A remedy for dull complexions, the Oskia Renaissance Mask is a treat for the skin that actively brightens and decongests. Natural fruit acids pair perfectly with Lactic Acid to clear and clarify without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

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  3. REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic
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    REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic

    Your daily defence against pollution and dull skin, the REN Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic is an exfoliating toner powered by Lactic Acid. Apply after cleansing to improve the texture and clarity of the skin.

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  4. Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant
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    Ameliorate Smoothing Body Exfoliant

    As Lactic Acid is gently refining, it has been chosen as one of the key ingredients in Ameliorate’s bestselling formulas. As a treatment for Keratosis Pilaris, bumpy uneven skin, the Smoothing Body Exfoliant works to lift away impurities and ingrown hairs to promote a noticeably smoother surface.

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  5. philosophy Microdelivery In-home Vitamin C Peptide Peel
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    philosophy Microdelivery In-home Vitamin C Peptide Peel

    For those who enjoy spa facials, philsophy have created the ultimate at-home Peel to recreate the experience with exceptional results. Targeting pigmentation, sun damage and ageing skin, reveal radiance in three simple steps. Gently massage the exfoliating crystals into the skin for 1 minute and follow with a teaspoon of the Lactic and Salicylic Activating Gel. Remove after 2-3 minutes.

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  6. ESPA Skin Radiance Moisturiser
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    ESPA Skin Radiance Moisturiser

    An instant boost of hydration, the ESPA Skin Radiance Moisturiser is a concentrated blend of highly nourishing ingredients, namely Meadowsweet and Hawaiian Algae. Paired with skin-smoothing Lactic Acid, it’s a daily treat that keeps the complexion looking radiant and youthful.

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  7. Omorovicza Acid Fix
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    Omorovicza Acid Fix

    A potent trio of the best skincare acids, Omorovicza’s Acid Fix combines Glycolic, Salicylic and Lactic Acid to create the ultimate glow-boosting treatment. Featured in the limited edition Beauty Expert Collection: The Glow Edition, this is a perfect addition to your routine. Key benefits include a more clarified, smooth skin texture with visible radiance. Always use in combination with daily SPF.

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