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Backcombing: A Guide to Hair Volume in 2018

Thought backcombing was a relic of the 80s, to be left discarded with shoulder pads? Think again. Bought back to life with a very modern take on the SS18 catwalks, we’re looking at how to incorporate added hair volume into our everyday looks with help from Tangle Teezer.

Backcombing for SS18

We’ve got every type of hair brush you’ll need to make sure you get the catwalk look.

The Inspiration

A rebellion against the perfection shown everyday on instagram, catwalks were awash with different hairstyles from wetlook, slicked back hair to our current favourite high volume, backcombed hair.

Fashion houses Marchesa and Versus Versace favoured big hair with wispy details whereas the backcombing at Topshop Unique was a more subtle affair with volume pared down after adding volume by brushing over the look, making it look far more slick.

The Hairbrush

To achieve the above looks, we’re recommend using the Tangle Teezer Back Combing Hair Brush, with a unique, two-tiered teeth and a greater density of teeth at the base. Designed specifically with backcombing in mind, this brush is the perfect companion to for adding volume.

If you’re after a multi-tasking brush to use for every kind of hairstyle, the Tangle Teezer Ultimate Hair Brush will be just the ticket. With a much wider paddle, this one will be suitable for a vast range of styling opportunities.

Our top tip for backcombing hair is to make sure that it’s in as good a condition as possible to start with. Make sure hair is hydrated and supple to avoid breakage and ensure there is no long term damage to the hair at all.

The Finishing Touches

Once you’ve created the desirable level of volume required for your look, simply rub a small amount of oil through the ends and finish off with a spritz of hairspray to ensure the volume doesn’t drop throughout the day.

We’d recommend keeping a Tangle Teezer brush in your bag throughout the day for any additional top-ups.

Are you planning to try backcombing this season?

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