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Elemis Biotec Twitter Chat Round Up

Celebrating their biggest skin care launch since the award-winning Pro-Collagen range, the arrival of the Elemis BIOTEC range has certainly been a special one. This pioneering skincare regime uses a combination of minerals, electrolytes and a trio of acids to re-energise the complexion and to increase skin call energy for optimum skin function. From its ability to improve the overall condition, health and vitality of the skin, to adding radiance and luminosity to the complexion – it’s the perfect regime for spring-energised skin! We recently hosted a Twitter chat with Elemis Skincare Specialist Hannah Sheahan to find out even more about this fabulous range. Here’s what we found out…

Q. If you could could describe Elemis BIOTEC in three words, what would it be? #BExELEMIS

Innovative. Scientific. Powerful

Q. What makes the BIOTEC range so different to the other ranges?#BExELEMIS

Rather than focussing on the specific skin concerns, BIOTEC tackles the skin cell. The technology is adaptagenic 1/2. You’ll also see the results as your skin cell is performing at its optimum so all functions are increased.

Q. Who is the new BIOTEC range targeted for? #BExELEMIS

Any one is is seeing their lifestyle (stress, lack of sleep, hormones) leaving their skin dull and lacking.

Q. Is the BIOTEC range suitable for all skin types? #BExELEMIS

Yes it is! Plus, it’s great for both men & women

Q. What are the key ingredients within the range? #BExELEMIS

Encapsulated zinc and copper which turbo-charge the energy levels in the skin cell for increased skin function.

Q. At what age should we start to use anti-ageing skincare? #BExELEMIS

It’s totally dependent on lifestyle. Generally 25-30 is a good time but it does depend on you and your skin.

Q. What simple lifestyle changes can we make to improve our skin? #BExELEMIS

More water, a cleaner diet and a thorough cleansing routine will all help to improve your skin

Q. What would be the perfect skincare routine?

At Elemis, prescription is key to our philosophy as everyone’s skin and lifestyle is so different.

Q. What’s your number one beauty secret for healthy skin? #BExELEMIS

Cleanse thoroughly! Any layers after cleansing will not work at their best without proper cleansing.

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