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Fiona Brackenbury’s Expert Tips for Healthy Skin

We recently caught up with Decleor Skincare Expert Fiona Brackenbury to get her expert tips for healthy skin! With over 25 years experience in the Beauty industry, Fiona has a wealth of knowledge and has recently been credited for giving superstar singer Adele her signature glow! Believing that “you only have one skin”, her motto has always been based on finding the right products for your skin type and setting skin goals so you can get that flawless complexion all year round.  As the weather continues to shift and temperatures begin to plunge, it’s no secret that our skin becomes exposed to the most challenging environmental conditions! Keep your skin looking fabulous this winter with Fiona’s expert tips for heathy skin…

Expert Tips for Healthy Skin:

  • Eat lots of anti-oxidants to help prevent skin ageing

Bright red fruits have the most anti-oxidants, try red berries, cherries, strawberries and tomatoes. Antioxidants are nutriments that can slow oxidative damage to the skin cells. Oxidation, a natural process that occurs within your body cells and can produce reactive substances called free radicals which can damage your skin cells and speed up the aging process. Antioxidants can stabilise free radicals before they damage your skin cells – so a diet rich in antioxidants is necessary to help slow down the aging process. If you’re wrinkle phobic these anti-oxidants will help protect your collagen!

  • Vitamin C helps your skin look younger

Load up on Vitamin C – its anti-ageing and brightening benefits leave the skin looking revitalised and renewed. It also helps prevent melanin production that can cause age spots, liver spots and pigmentation marks.

Adopt a diet rich in Vitamin C containing vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, cucumber and brussel sprouts

  • Cleanse like the experts

Cleansing is single handily the most important step in any skincare routine regardless of skin type or skin age. Incorrect cleansing can damage the skin and can take up to 8 hours to repair the skin.

Don’t use facial washes but cleanse with high performance cleansers designed to be massaged onto dry skin and then removed with damp cotton wool followed by toners that ensure the skin is perfectly clean and the PH balance of the skin is restored.

Always remove your eye make-up with a separate eye make-up remover, especially if you’re aware of lines and wrinkles appearing around this very delicate thin eye area. Look out for products which are treatment eye make-up removers as they have built in ingredients to treat dark circles, lines and wrinkles. The DECLÉOR Refreshing Eye Make-Up Remover contains Camellia Oil which is known in the industry as the ‘Miracle oil’ to condition the lashes and smooth the lines and wrinkles.

Kerry Courtney

Kerry Courtney

Skincare Specialist

A self-confessed skincare addict, I’m always on the search for new products to add to my collection! I believe there’s nothing quite as flattering as when your skin heralds a certain luminescence. I’ve recently qualified as a Beauty Therapist, so when I’m not writing about all things beauty, I love nothing more than pampering my friends & family!

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