Over the years, wearing fake tan has become increasingly more popular. With A-listers and celebrities achieving that sunless glow, it’s set a trend across the nation.

St Tropez are one of the leaders in fake tan, bringing you a wide collection of shades and methods to get that all over tan no matter the season. But do we really know which collection will work best for us?
Take a look at our guide through the collections to see which method, shade and collection is best suited for you.


Self Tan Classic

Classic Collection

Featuring a range of lotions, sprays and the best selling mousse, the Classic collection from St Tropez provides you with a deep bronze tan that lasts for days. Within 4 to 8 hours, the formula develops on your skin to give you that sun kissed finish that you want. Featuring an instant guide colour, you can keep track of where you’ve applied your tan, avoiding streaks and patches. Simply wash off after 4 to 8 hours and you can expect non of that fake tan smell, with Aromaguard technology that banishes smell by up to 70%.

Expert Tip – ‘Use with a St Tropez applicator mitt for the perfect finish’

Self Tan Dark

Dark Collection

For those of you looking for the deepest, darkest tan, the St Tropez Dark range gives you brilliant colour with an instant guide colour to avoid streaks and patches. Developing in 4 to 8 hours, the Dark range also features Aromaguard technology to avoid any fake tan smell with long lasting results.

Expert Tip – ‘Turn upside down to get hard to reach areas’

Self Tan Sensitive

sensitive collection

For a gentler approach to tanning, the Sensitive range from St Tropez delivers the same results as the Classic collection with a variation of ingredients to ensure skin isn’t left irritated. An ultra hydrating formula using Vegetan, a 100% naturally derived tanning agent that delivers a natural, light result.

Expert Tip – ‘For daytime radiance, apply Naturals Face underneath your make up’

Gradual Tan

gradual collection

The Gradual Tan collection works perfectly for those of you that want to get that sun kissed look by slowly building it up. A more natural transition for your skin colour, you can use these products daily to gradually build up to the colour you want. The Gradual range features no guide colour and go undetectedonce applied. Using Aromaguard to avoid any tell tale signs of tan.


Wash Off

Wash off collection

A one of tan at its best, the Wash Off range from St Tropez gives you that sunkissed glow for that event or night out and washes off in the shower when you’re finished. Transfer resistant, these lotions and sprays give you that ‘tan and go’ experience that gets you out of the house with confidence.

Expert Tip – ‘Mix with moisturiser or your foundation for a subtle hint of colour’

Prep & Maintain

prep and maintain collection

Once you’ve applied your tan, after a few days it can become blotchy and start to fade. With the Prep & Maintain collection from St Tropez you can prepare your skin with the body polishes and exfoliators that remove dry skin and moisturise skin ready for tan application as well as maintaining a fabulous tan after with the extenders and removers.

Expert Tip – ‘Don’t let hands and feet give you away. Apply a dab of moisturiser to wrists and ankles to avoid tell tale sings.

Tan Enhancers

enhancers collection

Bring out the best from your tan by applying the right products to really distinguish your tan. The Enhancers range from St Stropez contour, add depth and definition with the Bronzers and Illuminators from the collection. The Illuminators consist of a light moisturiser with either Gold, Rose or Violet shimmer to further enhance your tan and bring out the undertones of your skin.

Expert Tip – ‘Use on cheekbones and shoulders for an instantly radiant look’


spf collection

The SPF range from St Tropez provides you with essential protection that also enhance and prolong your tan. All containing an ingredient called Melanobronze, that actively enhances your natural tan whilst protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Antioxidant rich with Vitamin E, you can expect soft, supple skin with this range.


Expert Tip – ‘Always apply your sun protection 15 minutes before going in the sun’




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