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Talking Heads: Head of Beauty Expert Francesca Elliott

International Women’s Day 2019: Balance For Better

As part of our Talking Heads series in celebration of International Women’s Day, we spoke exclusively to Francesca Elliott, the Head of Beauty Expert. A beauty trailblazer who is paving the way for the next generation of talent in the beauty industry, we asked Francesca about all things beauty and the Balance For Better movement.

Beauty Expert: A Destination for Luxury Beauty, Welcoming all Ages and all Genders

Social Media Savvy, Francesca is a digital media sensation

We started by discussing beauty inspirations, and we know that Francesca is a true social media aficionado; “My biggest influence comes from the Makeup Artists and beauty influencers I see on social media. You can always find me on Instagram, researching the latest trends and beauty looks. The artistry that goes into some of these ‘everyday looks’ is really admirable.”

She doesn’t take anything for granted, success comes from hard work and determination

At work, Francesca has cultivated a positive culture in the Beauty Expert office, where both the men and women support and motivate each other every day, and she always speaks glowingly about the people around her;

“All the people I work with inspire me, they work so hard every single day to achieve the impossible. Seeing them achieve their goals inspires me to be motivated and to keep achieving.”

Making her mark in the beauty industry, Francesca wants to inspire others to do the same

Whenever someone asks Francesca about her advice to enter the beauty industry, she shares her belief that people should

“Follow your passion no matter what people tell you. You can succeed if you keep going.”

“It won’t always be the easiest road and you will have setbacks, but what will make your career will be your ability to push through that and to stay determined through the ups and downs.”

She believes that makeup can be a confidence boost, not a mask

Beauty is a big part of Francesca’s life, “Beauty is a major tool that gives me more confidence. I don’t do my makeup for anyone else, I do my makeup for myself as it gives me that inner confidence. It’s the routine that starts off my day. When I apply makeup it makes me feel better about myself, I feel that I can achieve anything.”

Building a beauty empire is something she wished she’d dreamed of sooner

To her younger self, she would say;

“Have more confidence! I’d tell my younger self to have more confidence in my own abilities, in pursuing my dreams and to believe that I can achieve anything.”

Francesca champions equal opportunities in a way that promotes harmony and value among the team

When it comes to International Women’s Day 2019, ‘Balance For Better’ is part of the lifeblood of the Beauty Expert team. “To me, ‘Balance For Better’ means equal opportunities so that everyone can have a fair chance to follow their dream.”

“No matter what their background, age, gender, everyone should have that opportunity to do what they are passionate about and follow their heart.”

The Beauty Expert mission is clear

Francesca and the Beauty Expert Team are on a mission to empower beauty lovers worldwide; “When people shop at Beauty Expert, I really just want them to feel empowered to make their own beauty decisions. Online shopping is great as you can take as much time as you want to browse, compare reviews, and see what influencers are saying about the products”.

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