Dry, flaky skin is a very common problem especially within the cold winter months or if the climate has changed quickly over a short period of time. Dry skin problems can make you feel older, your skin feels tight, parched and flaky and with some women, using moisturiser doesn’t seem to help. Don’t panic, there are many serums, moisturisers, oils that can definitely help and even permanently cure dry, flaky skin. Not necessarily will your skin always be the problem, it could be the case that your body is lacking in key vitamins. Fish oils are a very good essential oil that would benefit your skin; the natural ingredients help reduce the appearance of dry, flaky skin.

Dry skin can appear in multiple forms, in the mildest cases, skin has a taut look and there may be mild flaking. In more severe cases, you can experience cracking, itching and even bleeding on the skin which can lead to other issues such as wrinkles and stretch marks.

Always take some time out to have a think about what products will be best for your skin type as each woman will be different and react to different products more effectively than others. But always keep in mind to follow these simple steps:

  • Wash your face with water
  • Exfoliate – remember not to be too harsh on your skin
  • Apply a serum preferably an oil to hydrate the skin
  • Moisturise preferably that contains Aloe Vera
  • Try a hydrating foundation

Bestselling products for dry, flaky skin:

  • Yu-Be skin moisturising cream 70g – a rich medicated moisturising cream that works to hydrate, heal and soothe the skin, especially effective on very dry skin and skin that has been exposed to extreme weather conditions.
Yu-Be Skin Moisturising Cream (70g)

Yu-Be Skin Moisturising Cream (70g)

  • Alpha-H balancing cleanser with Aloe Vera 200ml – a gentle creamy cleanser that hydrates the skin without stretching and drying it out. It’s three-in-one action means that it cleanses the skin, soothes dry and sensitive skin as well as balancing pH impaired skin.
Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera 200ml

Balancing Cleanser with Aloe Vera 200ml

  • Eve Lom TLC Cream 50ml – an intensive night cream that gives your skin tender, loving care to dry and very dry skin types. This product is a must for skin that feels tight and stretched, it will promote supple and soft skin within a few weeks.
TLC cream 50ml

TLC cream 50ml

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