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Interior Design: The Promenade House, Moscow

Located in Moscow, this Russian interior is truly unique. Combining effortless hues, materials and textures with a feeling of effortless lightness, every single aspect of the design has been considered to create elegance as well as providing a highly functional, liveable space. The creation of Russian design firm Oleg Klodt, The Promenade House is a bespoke interior that bridges the gap between classical and contemporary design.

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Combing the creative minds of Olegt Klodt and Anna Agapova, the pair has favoured the use of bespoke furniture using glass, metal, stone and porcelain to create a truly contemporary, yet classic piece of interior design.

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The home of a large family, the pair worked closely with the family members of the home to try and create a special energy that evokes a calm, refined interior filled with character and comfort. The master bedroom is conceived as a haven for relaxation, with its sumptuous fabrics, incorporating soft pearl hues, which beautifully contrast with the nut wood flooring.

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Tailoring each exquisite detail to the layout of the space, the pair have ensured each exquisite centimetre of the house has been tendered too. The two bathroom interiors are a synthesis of marble, onyx, steel mother-of-pearl and wood finishes that are all stand-out decorative pieces in themselves.

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Sharing a passion for Parisian Provençale style, the pair have an accolade of impressive transformations in their portfolio, including a plethora of redefined hotels, restaurants and homes.

Anna, said: “It’s easy for me to visualise the interior of a space, long before it’s even been planned on paper. I can see how it will look at different times of the day and work on its design with this in mind.

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“The appearance of a space in the evening is so different to how it looks at the break of dawn. For me, imagining this is just like a moment in a film.”

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