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5 Tips For Shiny Hair

In the era of styling tools, bleaching and blow dry bars on every street corner, it’s hard to maintain the shiny hair that we once had as a pre-teen (and pre-hair straightener). But whilst a world of heated hair tools and colour options has opened up a plethora of styling possibilities, there’s no denying that it can leave hair exposed to damage. But realistically, it’s unlikely that we’re going to put down the styling tools and embrace our natural kink any time soon, so we’ve devised a list of our all-star tips that will help you to keep your ‘mane’ asset at its shiniest.

number 1

Nourish your hair from the inside out

shiny hair supplements

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These hair boosting supplements from Viviscal work hard to nourish your hair from the root to the tip. Awarded a place on Harper’s Bazaar magazines beauty hot 100, the wonder product works tirelessly to thicken out your locks and nourish your hair naturally. Formulated with nutrients Biotin and Zinc, the rich protein compound is fortified with marine extracts and Vitamin C  to aid maximum growth and shine with minimal effort.

number 2

Don’t apply product before using a straightening iron

You might think using lots of products will help increase your hair’s shine, but applying a ton of products that are not designed to protect the hair from styling tools can actually “cook” it.  Not forgetting that applying lots of unnecessary products can also make the hair greasy and unmanageable. But if you want to add a little extra shine from a bottle before styling try this Flat Iron Shine Spray from Tigi S-Factor.

The lightweight vitamin-rich formula can be used in wet or dry hair to enhance shine and protect from UV filters and damage caused by heating styling tools, locking in shine for the glossiest finish.

number 3

Wash your hair in apple cider vinegar (honestly, it works!)

shiny hair

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It’s the condiment best known for dressing salads and making pickles but Apple Cider Vinegar is also a fabulous hair product. Harsh soaps and shampoos can often strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving hair dry and lack lustre. Apple Cider Vinegar works with the hair as a cleansing agent which gently removes clumpy residue, gunk and general product buildup. The vinegar also closes the hair’s cuticle, leaving it soft, smooth and detangled.

You can actually use the ingredient as a hair treatment itself, but if you don’t fancy pouring a bottle of vinegar over your head then haircare specialist’s Phyto have incorporated the ingredient in to a purifying shampoo. Suitable for all hair types, the shampoo works hard to eliminate and neutralise impurities that can leave locks looking dull.

number 4

Try out a Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Fly-a-ways and frizz can make hair look dull and damaged, taking away precious shine and gloss. A Brazilian Blowout, also known as a keratin treatment, helps to completely iron out the hair’s surface, enhancing shine and combating frizz.  Whilst the treatment can take up to 90 minutes in a salon, try a keratin-rich treatment at home with this super nourishing Redken frizz dismiss treatment. This intensive treatment is formulated with Brazilian pracaxi oil, also known as the ‘miracle oil’ to boost moisture levels and re-hydrate hair, leaving it smooth and silky with a salon finish.

Expert tip: For a super intense shine and feel leave the mask on for 30 minutes. This will allow time for the formula to absorb in to the hair cuticle, providing ultimate nourishment and shine for frizz-prone hair.

number 5

Use heat- activated shampoos and conditioners

Everyone knows the age old saying “prevention is better than the cure” and in the case of hair care, it could not be truer. Protect your hair against the effects of heat styling during your wash with this Label.M Honey and Oat Shampoo. The product’s Environshield Complex, protects against heat styling whilst working hard to cleanse and repair dry, dehydrated hair.



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