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Could The Champagne Diet Be For You?

Imagine living a life filled with deliciously decadent, healthy meals and a nightly champagne toast? Imagine loving your body and eating for your health – as opposed to a number on the scale? It’s completely possible! Developed by Cara Alwills Leyba, The Champagne Diet focuses on eating rich and nutritious foods all washed down with a glass of Champagne, of course…

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With just under 100 calories in a flute of bubbly, and a much healthier option than sugar-laden cocktails, who wouldn’t want to drink champagne? Struggling with the scales from an early age, Cara exhausted every diet avenue before stumbling across this unique solution. We uncover everything you need to know about this too-good-to-be-true diet plan.

What Is The Champagne Diet?

Firstly, Cara suggests ditching the word diet in favour of ‘lifestyle’. Eating healthy, nutritious foods (mostly organic) and incorporating fresh vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and the occasional piece of fish into your diet is all you need!

The only rule: A nightly glass of bubbly.

Cara advocates toasting to something you are particularly proud of at night, whether it be an accomplishment at work, or the fact you have made it to the gym that day. Raise your glass and celebrate yourself on a regular basis!

So, how can you start living The Champagne Diet? Here are Cara’s top tips:

Top Tips

Stop Depriving Yourself

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Cara believes the biggest mistake we make with weight loss is the idea that we ‘can’t’ have something. If you want a piece of cake, eat it. When food is no longer a novelty, it becomes an obsession.

Stick To A Mainly Vegetarian Diet

Research shows that the healthiest people follow a mainly plant-based diet. While Cara disagrees with a completely vegan diet, she suggests limiting your intake of meat, especially that which is processed and filled with hormones and antibiotics.

Ditch The ‘F’ Word

Negative self-talk has more of an impact that your realise. Calling yourself fat is a surefire way to stay miserable and unmotivated. Instead, Cara suggests complimenting yourself once a day. The positive affirmations will build your confidence and help you stay on track.

Glamorise Your Meals

Eating should be a glamorous experience. Use your best china, eat high-quality, nutritious foods and pair with a glass of champagne…

Raise Your Glass 

Choose champagne as your drink of choice. Not only is it low in calories, there are also a myriad of health benefits associated with glasses of bubbly.

If you want to know more about The Champagne Diet, you can visit Cara’s website, here.



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