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Anti-pollution skincare has been hitting the beauty headlines for all the right reasons. With skin damage from environmental aggressors on the rise, it’s more important than ever to protect your skin from the pollutants we’re exposed to on a daily basis. As you may have already experienced, pollution takes its toll on the skin. Among other effects, pollution can exacerbate the visible signs of ageing, congest, dehydrate and sensitise the skin. The Oskia CityLife range has been specifically formulated to shield the complexion from free radicals.

What are the Best Anti-Pollution Skincare ingredients?

The main ingredients that power anti-pollution skincare are:

  • Malachite – a mineral that helps to absorb pollution and draw out impurities
  • Vitamins C, A and E – known to visibly brighten, increase microcirculation and improve skin texture
  • Co-Enzyme Q10 – an antioxidant that actively repairs cell damage and neutralise the effects of pollutants
  • Niacinamide – a vitamin that works to decongest the complexion and balance sebum production

What is the Best Anti-Pollution Skincare Routine?

Oskia CityLife Cleansing Concentrate

This lightweight cleansing gel is the perfect first step in your skincare routine, before or after the daily commute.

Helping to create a clean surface and improving the efficacy of products applied on top, this clarifying formula removes impurities, decongests and balances the complexion. With a host of gentle but active ingredients such as Vitamin E, Eucalyptus and Lavender, the skin is left feeling rejuvenated, hydrated and protected.

Oskia CityLife Booster

Looking for a skincare booster to charge your skincare products with anti-pollution benefits? The Oskia City Life Booster is the ultimate skincare bolt-on that allows you to add a few drops of elixir to your favourite serum, oil or foundation.

Providing a high level of protection against Particulate Matter (98%) and clinically proven to defend against pollution-induced inflammation and sensitivity, the Oskia CityLife Booster is a true skincare marvel. Add 1 drop of concentrate to 3 drops of skincare product and avoid using topical Vitamin C to minimise a double dose. Key ingredients include Vitamins C and E, Co-enzyme Q10, Niacinamide and Malachite extract.

Oskia CityLife I-zone Balm

Certain areas of the skin can be forgotten when it comes to anti-pollution skincare, but Oskia have all bases covered. The City Life I-zone Balm protects the eyes and lips from the effects of indoor and outdoor pollution, and also boasts anti-ageing benefits. This nourishing multipurpose balm can be used alone or under makeup to maximise anti-pollution defence. 

Oskia CityLife Facial Mist

Anti-pollution mists have become an instant beauty trend, backed by real concerns over the negative effects of heavy pollution on the skin.

Following moisturiser and makeup, apply the lightweight mist and allow to dry. The antioxidant ingredients work in synergy to defend against free radicals, clustering the particles together making them too big to penetrate further into the epidermis.

Oskia CityLife Detox Mask

When skin needs a detox, we turn to the City Life Detox Mask, a natural peel-off mask that helps to manage city-stressed complexions.

Helping to eliminate pollution collected on the skin and reverse existing damage, apply this dual-phase mask that’s rich in Malachite and Activated Charcoal. Leave on for 20 minutes and enjoy a hydrated, purified complexion.

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