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Celebrate Tonight’s Supermoon with These Kiss the Moon Products

Tonight welcomes the most spectacular supermoon in sixty-nine years. So, in celebration of the momentous occasion, we’re bringing you some favourites from British brand Kiss The Moon, who are dedicated to helping you get a beautiful night’s sleep.

What is a Supermoon?

The impressive sight happens when a full moon is closest to the Earth. As the moon orbits the Earth in an oval motion, sometimes it gets a little closer than usual and fortunately for us, tonight, Monday, 14, November, is one of those nights. Described as “undeniably beautiful” by Nasa, the moon will appear 30 percent brighter and 14 percent bigger to the naked eye. And those who are planning on stargazing should make the most of it because it isn’t set to happen again until 25, November 2034.

In celebration of the momentous occasion, we’ve rounded up our favourites from the brand who has created a collection of wellness products that help you to sleep beautifully and wake up looking gorgeous (and you might need them after all that stargazing!)

Kiss The Moon After Dark Face Oil Love

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With a five star rating from Beauty Expert reviewers, we’re confident that this face  oil will have your skin looking and feeling gorgeous (whether you’re awake or asleep.) Loaded with warm floral notes of pure Rose Absolute and Ylang Ylang, the oil works to relax both the body and the soul.  Whilst its Vitamin A loaded Rosehip Seed oil has been proven to improve the skin’s moisture level.

One Beauty Expert reviewer wrote: “I’d just had a facial peel (salicylic acid) and so my skin was dry. I had just planned on using extra normal moisturiser but tried the oil and it was wonderful. Felt lovely. Smelled amazing and was just what my skin needed. Highly recommend it.”

Kiss The Moon After Dark Bath Oil

Perfect for those who struggle to switch off, this After Dark Bath Oil is one of the gentlest ways to drift off whilst soothing your skin. With a generous helping of French Lavender Oil, known as nature’s sedative, the perfectly mixed Roman Chamomile formula is also great for easing away aches and pains. But its benefits don’t stop there, as the lavender extract works hard to balance the skin’s own oil production and encourage the regeneration of new skin cells.

Expert tip: Add a couple of drops of the bath oil to warm bath water to relax and relieve the tensions of everyday life. Releasing a cloud of tranquillity, all that’s left to do is to soak away your worries and soften you skin.

Kiss The Moon The Calm Collection

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This stunning selection of products from The Calm Collection combine a range of sleep-inducing luxuries that are perfect for stressed, tried, skin. Combing the After Dark Face Oil, with the After Dark Balm and Bedtime Bath Infusions, the natural oil infused products work in harmony to give you a peaceful night’s sleep – perfect for the stressed out worker who struggles to drift off.

Kiss The Moon The Love Collection

This love collection is the perfect gift for those with maturing skin. Presented in a stunning giftbox, the sleep-inducing products work by helping you to drift off to sleep effectively. The set combines two of the brands hero products with  a luxury silk sleep mask, to ensure a deep sleep without any disturbances – perfect for the light sleeper.



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