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Cutting Edge: The Technology You Need in Your Beauty Collection

As technology makes its way into our beauty collections, our experts have tested the most-lauded products on the market to find the best beauty electricals.

The Best Beauty Electricals

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect do-it-all straighteners or are looking for at-home salon style services, we’re sure to find the beauty electrical product for you.

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Facial Toning

If you’re a facial fiend but lack the time required to head into your salon of choice, then there are products that will give you a similar at-home experience. When we discovered NuFace, we knew it’d be a match made in (at-home) heaven.

Their cutting edge technology mixes a lightweight gel primer maximising the effectiveness of the product with their Trinity Facial Toning device. The sleek beauty electrical is an award-winning microcurrent treatment which can start to impact within five minutes. With continued longterm use, NuFACE’s products have similar results to a facelift as the microcurrent devices mimic the natural current of the body, which slows as we age.

Pelvic Personal Training

Whether you hit the gym five times a week or hit snooze five times a day, it’s important to train your body and ensure that you’re regularly exercising all body muscles. Elvie has been developed specifically for women, by women, to train and thereby strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are often forgotten and tricky to work on, however thePelvic Floor Trainer is the perfect tool to combat natural muscle deterioration.

Technologically advanced, pair the kegel exercise tracker with the specially developed app to partake in exercises that target your pelvic floor and strengthen muscles through continual training. With celebrity users such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Khloe Kardashian, this innovative little piece of tech will help just as much as your next personal training session.

Expert Cleansing

However much we laud and love our muslin cloths, we’re certain that there are impurities which linger long after we’ve used a hot cloth cleanser. Thankfully, brand leaders Foreo arrived on the scene, bringing with them travel-friendly battery-operated cleansing products which are perfect for those who take pleasure in deeply cleansing come the end of the day.

We were converted to Foreo’s electrical cleansing products seasons ago, drawn in by their promise to eradicate dirt and impurities whilst also reducing signs of ageing. Using a trademarked transdermal sonic pulsation, these little rechargeable products will revolutionise your skincare routine.

At-Home Hair Removal

We know we’ve recently mentioned Iluminage in our blog post detailing their innovative at-home hair removal products, however we had to mention them in this beauty electricals post too.

As you know, Iluminage focus on the creation of salon worthy products suitable for use at home, and we are sold on the TOUCH permanent hair removal product which promises reduced hair for all skin tones.

Hair Straighteners

Of course, a post detailing the best electrical beauty products couldn’t fail to include our everyday product: the hair straightener. A long way on from the nineties’ products which took over fifteen minutes to heat up and caused unknown damage to our hair, today sees beautiful products that minimise stress on the hair follicles.

It’s simply impossible to pick which tongs are our favourites, so we’ve created an edit below from which you may select the best product suited to your hair type. Also, we’d urge you to read our guide to the best hair straighteners before investing in your next pair.

Are there any other beauty electricals you’d like us to put to the test?

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