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Aquis: The Towel That Could Transform Your Hair

We all have bad hair days, and healthy hair can be hard to achieve. As well as being dependent on factors such as genetics, lifestyle and styling choices, there are few things you can do to achieve shiny, frizz-free hair. Thankfully, there’s a cult product making waves in the beauty world, enter: Aquis’ game-changing hair towels, specifically designed to look after your tresses with an innovative, science-backed design…


The first beauty tool engineered to dry your hair quickly, correctly and efficiently whilst simultaneously protecting it from damage, Aquis’ cult product allows you to enjoy healthy, shiny and manageable hair with no fuss. We uncover the secrets behind this pioneering product and take a look at the 9 hair commandments that promise results in as little as three weeks!

 What Are Aquis Towels?

Crafted with new generation Aquitex, the Aquis’ range of hair towels boast innovative technology that works to draw water from wet hair faster and more thoroughly than ordinary towels, reducing the amount of time taken to style your tresses.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Aquis Towel?

Hair loses 60% of its structure when wet, rendering it much more prone to damage. This means how you towel dry your hair is crucial to its health. Water also causes the hair cuticle to open and swell, which can trigger unwanted frizz and damage. The quicker you remove water from your hair, the less damage will be done over time, making your locks look and feel better.

 How Do You Use An Aquis Towel?

Simply leave your chosen Aquis towel on for around 15-20 minutes and your hair will be near dry.

What Are The Options?

 9 Hair Commandments

We uncover Aquis’ 9 hair commandments for beautiful hair, everyday…


  1. “Thou shall towel dry my hair with Aquis to reduce damage to hair follicles”
    Aquis claim that when hair is wet, it loses 60% of its strength due to keratin proteins absorbing all the water. Hair fibres then swell and stretch causing ruptures to hair. The sooner you dry your hair naturally, the less damage is caused.
  2. “Thou shall use a blow dryer only when hair is damp”
    Using a hairdryer can dry hair quickly but the volume of heat actually adds cuticle damage and causes hair breakage, especially when hair is wet. Using an Aquis towel reduces dryer time and so the amount of damage done to hair.
  3. “Thou shall reduce friziness”
    When hair is roughly towel dried, the movement causes the hair cuticles to rub together, causing damage. Heavy bath towels also drag hair down, stretching it in its most fragile state.
  4. “Thou shall achieve better styling”
    With prolonged use of an Aquis towel, your tresses become easier to style and manage resulting in frizz-free, softer hair with shine.
  5. “Thou shall keep hands free”
    Simply wrap hair up and leave the towel to work its magic, meaning your hands are free to do something else. Your make-up, perhaps?
  6. “Thou shall take my Aquis hair towel everywhere”
    Light-weight and easily stored, Aquis towels can be transported almost anywhere, meaning you don’t have to compromise on caring for your hair on the go.
  7. “Thou shall treat my hair with care”
    Aquis claim that you should start to see benefits after just 3 weeks of use!
  8. “Thou shall colour my hair less”
    Aquis claim that pro-longed use of their towel will protect hair colour and keep it vibrant for longer.
  9. “Thou shall look younger”
    Aquis claim that the gentler care of your hair, and the aesthetic results it brings results in you feeling years younger!



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