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Skin Health: The Tan Commandments with Vita Liberata

As part of our Autumn campaign #skinhealth we’ve teamed up with organic tanning brand Vita Liberata to show you how to create the perfect sunless tan. A healthy glow can transform the way you feel about your body. Dubbed ‘the purest tan in the world’, gaining a tan and maintaining your skin’s optimum health has been made possible thanks to luxury tanning brand Vita Liberata. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the brand to bring you The Tan Commandments you should be abiding by if you want to keep your glow (the healthy way) as we move into the cooler months.

But before we reveal the tanning rules you should be abiding by. Here’s everything you need to know about Vita Liberata.

What ingredients are in Vita Liberata tan?

Dubbed the ‘purest’ tan in the tanning world, Vita Liberata products are formulated with the most natural ingredients. All products contain zero parabens, preservatives and other chemical nasties, nourishing the skin to leave it healthy and glowing all year round. In fact, the brand’s products are so natural that they’ve been officially rated ‘clean’ by natural beauty comparison site, Think Dirty.

Aloe Vera

Packed full of vitamin C and E this natural plant has a whole host of benefits for the skin. Packed with powerful healing properties, Aloe Vera hydrates and conditions the skin making it a fantastic anti-ageing ingredient.


You’ve used cucumber as an eye mask, right? But did you know that it’s packed full of naturally nourishing antioxidants that help the skin to retain moisture. But there’s a reason this natural ingredient has been selected as part of Vita Liberata’s tanning formula- it’s water retaining qualities help your tan to last longer.


A great source of vitamins B & C, Lychee extract is a powerful antioxidant packed full of anti-ageing qualities. The vitamin C element helps boost collagen production, keeping skin firm and plump whilst vitamin B helps the skin to retain moisture which helps your tan to fade naturally.


The red superfood is bursting with anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Again, packed full of antioxidants, the pomegranate extract helps to protect the skin against free radicals and everyday pollutants. Meaning your skin can be protected, nourished and hydrated all whilst exuding a healthy glow.

Is Vita Liberata organic?

Yes. All Vita Liberata products are Certified Organic.

What are the hero products?

Ten Minute Tan

The Vita Liberata Ten Minute Tan has received an accolade awards including ‘Best Self-Tanner’ at this year’s Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards. Currently the fastest tanner on the market, it’s perfect for the busy working women who wants to get a radiant glow but has little time on her hands.

Self Tanning Anti Age Serum

One of the only self-tanning serums on the market this made to measure product comes housed with a pipet to help you apply the perfect amount. Suitable for all skin types, you can mix the serum with moisturiser for a natural looking glow.

Loved by Glamour Beauty Director, Alessandra Steinherr, the Vita Liberata Self-Tanning Anti-Age Serum landed a place on Glamour’s Beauty Power List in 2016.

Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan

Lasting four times longer than regular tans, this extra fast drying mouse has become a favourite among celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Sofia Vergara. It’s ultra-hydrating lotion means your skin isn’t only glowing but subtly nourished and healthy looking.

Know you know everything about the brand. Here’s The Tan Commandments from the brand that knows how to glow.

number one

Thou Shalt Eat Your Greens

Eating green leafy vegetables including kale, spinach and rocket, which are high in lysine, antioxidants and vitamin A, will improve and extend your tan, leaving skin glowing and nourished.

number 2

Thou Shalt Exfoliate

A clean, smooth base for tanning will help you achieve an even tan result, that lasts longer and fades naturally. Use an exfoliator that contains no essential oils and avoid moisturising shower creams as these can impact the effectiveness of your tan.

number 3

Thou Shalt Not Moisturise Pre-Tanning

Moisturising in the 24 hours prior to tanning can create a barrier to self-tan, cause streaks and reduce the depth of your tan result. Vita Liberata tanners are extremely hydrating with a moisture locking system that draws water to the skin surface. So they act as 2-in-1 treatments, for flawless colour and skin conditioning.

number four

Thou Shalt Not Over-Tan Dry Skin

Apply tan sparingly to the hands, elbows, knees and feet as these areas can often look over-tanned. After your application, take a damp cloth and wipe around the heel of the wrist and ankles, the sides of the hands and feet and gently across the knees and elbows, for the most natural-looking finish.

Thou Shalt Stay Natural

Don’t be tempted to go too dark, choose a shade that suits your skin tone that will leave people thinking ‘has she, or hasn’t see?’. You want a natural-looking glow that works all year round – you can always ramp up the colour around vacation times.

number six

Thou Shalt Hydrate Post-Tanning

Moisturising twice daily following your tan application will boost your tan, keep the colour even and ensure a natural fade. But avoid lotions with perfumes, alcohols and essential oils as these will strip the tan, making it fade faster.

number seven

Thou Shalt Use a Tan Mitt or Makeup Brush to Apply

Always use a self-tan applicator for a streak-free, even result. Stained palms are a tell-tale self-tan sign so don’t be tempted to apply tinted products directly to skin! For daily tan moisturiser, wash the palms of your hands thoroughly after application.

number eight

Thou Shalt Treat Skin Well

Why compromise on skincare for colour? Vita Liberata self tanners care for your skin, with natural and organic formulas that contain no parabens, perfumes, alcohols or toxins. Added anti age extracts will leave skin feeling soft, smooth and plumped, as well as naturally golden. So choose formulas that treat your skin well, without drying or damaging it.

number nine

Thou Shalt Live In The Moment

Great weather outside? Apply your tan and go. Vita Liberata’s instant guide colour looks incredibly natural and dries instantly. So forget applying the night before, wearing loose clothing, or feeling sticky and looking muddy – we’re all about the ‘Tan and Go’.

number ten

Thou Shalt Protect Skin

With a genuinely viable alternative to sun exposure that offers natural-looking colour and a skincare treatment in one, there is no reason for risking skin damage from UV rays. Always wear a high-protection sunscreen, even when you have applied self tan.



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