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An Interview with Zelens

An Interview with Zelens

For those that haven’t heard of Dr Marko Lens, Lens is a world-renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specialised his research to focus on skin cancer and skin ageing. With this knowledge and experience, Dr Marko Lens has formulated an award-winning range of skincare products. These products contain clinically proven active ingredients that produce high-quality results, pioneered by Lens’ skincare technology. He named the brand Zelens.

We took the opportunity to speak to the Zelens team and ask about the brand story and heritage.

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Question: To someone who hasn’t discovered Zelens, what makes it so different to other skincare brands?

Zelens is a brand that is clearly distinguished by using different high‐tech and botanical ingredients that are mixed to work in synergy.

We are also known as a brand who executes serious clinical testing and publish our test results in serious peer‐reviewed medical journals.

For example, we published the results from the study of Intense Defence Serum in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, which showed not only the results but also established the method on how you can test in vivo (on the skin) the efficacy of antioxidants applied to the skin (testing over 6 hours). We have very loyal clients as we do not promise results: we deliver them.

Question: For those concerned with the visible signs of skin ageing, what is the most important advice you would give?

Protecting your skin from the sun with a good quality broad spectrum sun protector.

Question: Zelens is all about advanced skincare with complete transparency, how do you select the ingredients that make it into your formulas?

The most important part of creating Zelens products is to use scientific evidence and develop them by using active ingredients with clinically proven efficacy. I do this by mixing various ingredients to make them work in synergy and thus target different molecular mechanisms involved in skin aging whilst using the latest findings in skin biology and skin aging.

Question: What Zelens products would you recommend to defend against the effects of pollution?

The best way to counteract pollution is to use antioxidants.

Topical antioxidants can decrease the formation of free radicals caused by different environmental factors. I always recommend products containing multiple antioxidants (such as Zelens Intense Defence Serum) as they target different types of free radicals in order to provide broad protection against environmental hazards. Also, oral use of antioxidants can boost our protective mechanisms to counteract negative effects of pollution.

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