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Editor’s Picks: Caudalie Organic Grape Water

As we begin to shake off the chill of the winter for warmer climates, blossom trees and iced lattes, our handbag needs a spring edition that will keep us feeling fresh all day long. This spring, I’m digging deep to unveil some of the beauty picks that I can’t live without – and the Caudalie organic grape water is definitely one of them. Want to know why I love it? Read on to find out…

What is Caudalie Grape Water?

Extracted directly from grapes during the harvest, the 100% organic product is a face mist with moisturising superpowers. Both preservative and fragrance free, the natural soothing mist refreshes and moisturises any skin type, at any time of the day.

Instantly refreshed

As the weather gets warmer, so does the office. The Caudalie Grape Water was my ‘soothing’ grace in spring/summer 2016 and it’s not budging in 2017. With relatively, dry, sensitive skin, my complexion can often react badly to the layering of different products over makeup, but the grape water works wonders for instantly refreshing even the most sensitive of skin, without causing irritation.

The perfect handbag essential

The contents of every women’s handbag needs an overhaul when the seasons change. The grape water is large enough so you don’t run out quickly and small enough so you can fit it in your handbag – making it the ideal addition.

Great for the office

This one goes without saying. As a working woman you can never have enough on-desk pick-me-ups. Reached the 3pm slump and heading for the coffee machine? I use the grape water to give me the refreshing kick I need without giving into bad habits.

And for when you’re on the tube

If public transport is part of your daily commute, then you’ll know the feeling of needing to refresh as soon as you get to work. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this.

It’s multipurpose

It’s not just an afternoon spritz that the Caudalie grape water can be used for, it also makes for a great moisturising toner. Spray and rub lightly into the skin after cleansing for a dewy base.

How to use Caudalie Grape Water

If, like me, you’re keen to try the Caudalie Grape Water, then here’s a quick 101 of how to use it:

Spray lightly onto the face (over or under makeup) and do not rub in after spraying.

Alternatively, you can use the grape water as a toner. Spray directly onto the face or hands after cleansing and rub lightly into the skin.

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