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A night-time ritual to help you get the perfect night’s sleep (from an expert that knows)

A good night’s sleep is crucial to overall health. From how your brain functions to the appearance of dark circles, getting the right amount of rest is essential. But in today’s ‘always on’ world it can often be hard to get enough shut eye. Our Beauty Editor, Amy Nicholson, caught up with the expert’s at leading spa brand, ESPA, to discuss how adapting your night-time ritual improve the quality of your sleep.

Demanding work days, long commutes and extensive use of mobile phones and computers can all disrupt our quality of sleep. And guess what? It might come as no surprise that lack of quality sleep can also have a detrimental effect on the skin. But don’t fret, as ESPA have created an at-home product that calms both a busy mind and boosts the skin’s radiance. Meaning you can awaken, refreshed, revitalised and radiant.

Senior Training Associate at the brand, Nicola Baillie, explains why sleep is so important.

“Lack of sleep prevents proper cellular regeneration and so can affect on-going health if it occurs over a prolonged period.

“We can’t escape modern life, so the next best solution is to find a way that helps restore balance and harmony to the body so that it can rest properly at night. One great way to do this at home is to have a nighttime ritual.”

Nicola recommends an intensive nighttime beauty supplement like ESPA’s Tri-Active™ Advanced Night Booster.  Expertly designed to aid the skin’s overnight recovery, the booster has been made to be mixed with your usual skincare routine. Making it a powerful age-defying nighttime solution.

Nicola explains: “Sleep helps your brain work properly. While you’re sleeping, your brain is preparing for the next day. It’s forming new pathways to help you learn and remember information.”

At night your skin works hard to renew and repair its cells, with regeneration peaking between the hours of 11pm to 4pm. Hence why it’s crucial to use the right products during the evening. But how do you create the perfect night time ritual? Nicola recommends her easy two-step ritual below.

1. Overnight Hydration Therapy

Like many ESPA products, the Overnight Hydration Therapy has both a focus on the mind and the skin, helping you to relax both inside and out.

“Overnight Hydration Therapy contains Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac Root to hydrate and smooth, while Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang help calm a busy mind after a long day. Lavender then aids a beautiful, restful night’s sleep.”

2. Then supercharge it

If you’ve had a particularly stressful day or feel like your skin needs an overnight boost Nicola recommends dropping a few drops of the Tri Active™ Advanced Night Booster into the Overnight Hydration Therapy.

Nicola says: “The Four O’clock Flower within the product will work in synergy with the skin’s natural overnight activity to boost radiance.”

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