No not for me but for my most loved nearest and dearest. Not sure who to start with as the list seems endless this year as people have started getting married and having children. I feel a plan coming on, yes not-so-spontaneous-present-giving this year I know, however will enable me to navigate the huge shop that is the internet or the high street (if I’m feeling brave) especially to find the best price as the purse strings are getting tighter.


So who to start with? Mum? Dad? Brother? Long suffering boyfriend? Might start trawling the ‘For Him’ section of BeautyExpert or Mankind for ideas. Just seen an exclusive to Mankind – the Razorpit 3-in-1 Razor Sharpener, that will be good for my brother as he’s always going on about how expensive razor blades are now (typical 20-something student). Apparently Razorpit “sharpens your razor blades to remove dullness and grime, providing you with the perfect close shave everytime”. Well that seems like a good present for any of the men in my life, will pop 3 into my basket now! 

See you all again soon, Sarah (the newest member of the BeautyExpert team and resident blogger) xx





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