If you haven’t heard of STEAMCREAM, chances are, you will soon. Representing the latest developments in skincare, STEAMCREAM uses freshly handmade, high-quality and natural ingredients fused together by a shot of steam in its products. This unique method makes this vegan-friendly cream very lightweight, which in turn, helps enhance long-lasting hydration for your face. It’s a perfect cream for your body and hands, too.

This award winning skin care brand’s products are handmade in the UK and Japan, and boast gorgeous, eco-friendly limited edition tins. Check out the range below – they’re perfect as a stocking filler this Christmas, or as a treat for yourself…well, you do deserve it after all…


Just look at how cute these STEAMCREAM moisturisers are?  These little skin saviors all have different scents, ranging from delicate florals to warm fragrances which boast blends of cocoa butter, almond oil and oatmeal, helping to keep your skin smooth, soft and supple – and smelling amazing.

So what do you think of the STEAMCREAM range? Will you be trying these little beauties? They’re great for popping in your bag for treating dry skin on the go, and fabulous as a special gift for someone. Don’t forget, you can shop the full STEAMCREAM collection at Beauty Expert, with free delivery options!




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