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Discover ESPA Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome

Discover a cutting-edge launch from ESPA

This month marks the highly-anticipated launch of the ESPA Tri-Active™ Advanced Probiome range, a trio of products that combine natural skin therapy with clinically proven anti-ageing results.

With a rich heritage in the spa industry, ESPA are a brand that combines the luxury spa experience with proven skincare results. Sourcing the finest natural skincare ingredients to blend their effective formulas, ESPA have become a specialist brand that leads the way in skincare technology.

The Tri-Active™ Advanced Probiome range is a three-step system that comprises of a Serum, Moisturiser and Eye Cream. The three products work in synergy to improve skin firmness, boost elasticity, and soften the appearance of fine lines. Created by a team of leading aromatherapists and biochemists, the formulas contain the purest natural ingredients to support the skin’s first line of defence and nurture the skin’s microbiome.

What is the Skin’s Microbiome?

The Skin’s microbiome is an assortment of microorganisms that live on the skin surface and form your first line of defence against both internal and external aggressors, namely pollution, UV, stress and hormones. To achieve the most youthful complexion, the skin’s microbiome needs to be nurtured, diverse and balanced. The ESPA Tri-Active™ Advanced Probiome three-step regime supports your microbiome by helping to increase its biodiversity, restoring skin’s natural defences.

Industry insiders describe the range as an investment in your skin as it is clinically proven to deliver noticeable improvements in the skin’s radiance, youthfulness and firmness.

Explore the Tri-Active Advanced Probiome Range

Tri-Active Advanced Probiome Serum

The intensive serum is the first step after cleansing, acting to hydrate and smooth the complexion in preparation for moisturiser. Furthermore, the anti-ageing benefits make this an ideal targeted treatment for mature skin. Clinically proven to improve skin firmness by 16% and elasticity by 9%, the Prebiotic Blend is enriched with Peony Extract, Microalgae and Chinese Butterfly Bush which work in harmony to boost the resilience of the Skin microbiome.

The formula melts into the skin, leaving it balanced and restored with luminosity. Enjoy a subtle neroli scent which enhances the indulgent spa-like skincare experience.

  1. Use morning and evening after cleansing and toning.
  2. Remove product using applicator and apply with fingertips, tapping into face, neck and décolleté before smoothing in light, upward strokes until fully absorbed. Rinse applicator after use.
  3. For an extra boost of moisture apply overTri-Active™ Advanced ProBiome Serum.

Tri-Active Advanced Probiome Moisturiser

Delivering a luxury experience with every application, the Tri-Active Advanced Probiome Moisturiser replenishes hydration, helping to energise and revitalise the complexion. Clinical studies have proven that this product increases hydration by 43%, enhances firmness by 14% and improves elasticity by 10%. Powered by a Prebiotic Blend, Peony Extract, Microalgae and a Neroli Blend, this cutting-edge formula is a rich consistency, allowing makeup to glide smoothly onto the skin. It comes complete with an applicator to deliver the perfect dosage.

  1. After cleansing and toning, use 1-2 drops morning and evening.
  2. Apply to fingertips and press gently onto face, neck and décolleté before smoothing in light upward strokes until fully absorbed.
  3. To enhance the benefits, follow with an application of Tri-Active™ Advanced ProBiome Moisturiser.

Tri-Active Advanced Probiome Eye Cream

As the final step, the function of the Tri-Active  Advanced Probiome Eye Cream is to enhance the radiance of the under-eye area. A truly luxurious formula, the combination of Prebiotic Blend, Peony Extract, Microalgae and Tuberose Cell generates a noticeable improvement in skin texture. Clinical studies have proven this eye cream to reduce the depth of fine lines by an average of 14%. Comes with an eye massage tool which has a cooling effect around eyes. 

  1. Use morning and evening after cleansing and toning.
  2. Using the applicator take a small amount and gently apply from inner brow outwards, around and beneath the eye.

Rinse applicator after use.

Tri-Active Advanced Probiome Introductory Collection

As a Beauty Expert Exclusive, the Tri-Active  Advanced Probiome Collection is available in an introductory collection. Allowing you to trial the three-step regime, the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. Enjoy the intensive Serum (10ml), the luxurious Moisturiser (15ml) and the hydrating Eye Cream (5ml) for £59.50, available exclusively at Beauty Expert, while stocks last.

Discover our full range of ESPA products at Beauty Expert.




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