Here at Beauty Expert HQ, we’re so excited to reveal we’ll be launching Melvita’s new Plumping Radiance collection very, very soon. If you don’t know much about Melvita, the founder of the French organic beauty brand by Bernard Chevilliat is a biologist and beekeeper, who’s fascination of flowers, plants and the animal world led him to create the masterpiece that really does have nature at the very heart of its philosophy. The booming beauty brand has grown to become one of France’s leading brands of natural and organic cosmetics – and it’s not hard to see why.

So without any further ado, let us begin by introducing the much-anticipated, new Plumping Radiance collection from Melvita.

Melvita Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Cream

Melvita Pulpe De Rose Cream

The Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Cream is a real treat for tired skin in need of a little TLC. Bursting with rejuvenating ingredients and delicate rose floral water, this cream will leave your skin plumped up, and will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your face will be left looking radiant and feeling lusciously smooth – ooo.

Melvita Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Serum

Melvita Pulpe De Rose Serum

A little different to the Radiance Cream, the Melvita Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Serum is more concentrated, and has been developed to specifically firm skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Combined with smoothing active ingredients and blended with rose floral water, this serum will leave your skin looking incredibly radiant.

Melvita Pulpe De Rose Plumping Duo

Melvita Pulpe De Rose Plump Duo

Infusing two key, essential Melvita textures, the Melvita Pulpe De Rose Plumping Duo brings together water and oil in a single skincare product. The bi-phase formula is made up of Damask rose floral water to provide revitalising properties, whilst the Damask rose oil gives rejuvenating benefits. The result? Well, firmer looking skin – and a radiant glow that’ll leave you looking and feeling gorgeous.

Have you tried any of the Melvita products? Do you rate them?

Look out for Melvita’s Plumping Radiance Collection coming soon to Beauty Expert and shop the current Melvita range with free worldwide delivery. 



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