As we bring in the New Year a lot of us look back at the previous year to make resolutions for ourselves to change and improve our lives

I think we can all agree that 2013 has been full of mistakes, from twerking to uncomfortable footwear, 2013 has been crazy and here are a few of our resolutions for 2014 that we hope to keep.


Eating clean.

everybody always makes that promise to cut back and lose those extra pounds that they’ve been holding onto for years, but instead of cavorting along with an extreme and punishing regime that you’ll never stick to, we’ve decided to just ‘eat clean’ in 2014. Taking in our 5 a day, making meals from scratch but still being able to indulge in those treats when we need them. It’s not all about sacrifice, it’s more about getting to enjoy the food you make and feeling great about it.

Eat Clean

Making Time.

2013 has been busy to say the least. So in 2014 we thought that spending more time with loved ones and friends was definitely a great focus for you. Not just using social networks to keep up to date, but actually arranging some person to person time to really laugh and make memories.




Being Adventurous.

I think most of us get stuck in a routine of some sort, whether it’s the same breakfast every day, the same make up that you haven’t changed for years or just getting out more, life can sometimes get in the way of our adventurous side. So here’s to experimenting with food, trying different looks with our hair and make up and getting out of the house and away for a 2014 that will leave you satisfied with yourself by the end of it.




Kicking Habits.

We’re told that our bodies are temples, so why do we treat our bodies so poorly. Whether it’s smoking, drinking or eating bad, it’s time to have a cleanse and ultimately do yourself some good in 2014. We promise that cutting down on the above will benefit you greatly.




Learn Something.

Ever wanted to learn to ski but never had the courage. 2014 is the year to do it. Look at this year as a clean slate to write down every thing you want to do and get it done. Learn a new skill, take that course you’ve been putting off or just embrace the skills you already have to release their full potential.




We hope you had a lovely New Year, and we hope this helped get you on track to something great




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