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Grow Gorgeous has just hit down in Beauty Expert town, and we couldn’t be more excited. If you’re anything like us, your hair grows at a ridiculously slow pace, and it’s great to know there are products on the market that can help hair grow faster.

Grow Gorgeous shampoos and conditioners are some of those products.  The hair care brand believes most hair care today contains ingredients that are damaging to hair, including detergents, sulphates, stripping agents and older-generation conditioners. They reckon it’s all about combining foamless cleansing and deep conditioning to help your hair flourish and reach its maximum potential growth.

Grow Gorgeous 12-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner Brunette Prismatic

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So ladies, it’s time to wave goodbye to traditional shampoos that strip the natural oils from your hair. As you’re probably already aware, once your natural oils are stripped, it makes your hair dryer, thus allowing it to break more easily and your hair to stop growing as fast. This multi-tasking cleansing conditioner combines a foamless cleansing and deep conditioning system that rebalances the scalp. Made with a 28.1% active complex, this shampoo improves shine, adds volume, reduces frizz and flyaways – all helping your hair become healthier and grow faster.

Grow Gorgeous 12-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner Blonde Prismatic

Cleansing Conditioner Blonde Prismatic


Providing a deep cleansing and conditioning experience for blonde hair, the Grow Gorgeous 12-in1 Cleansing Conditioner Prismatic is a must-have. It’s important for blonde hair to stay as hydrated and nourished as possible – especially if you’re not a natural blonde and you have your hair bleached to stay lovely and light. When your hair is bleached, it strips the natural oils from your locks that help keep it thick and healthy. This conditioner will restore it back to its natural beauty, and the metal-derived prisms binding to your hair to reflect the light, enhancing the colour even more.

Will you be trying any of the products in the Grow Gorgeous collection at Beauty Expert? Don’t forget, you can shop the full range! Let us know if you rate the products in the comments below!



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