We’re so excited about working with Eve Lom. She’s the undisputed Queen of cleansing!

I mentioned in an earlier post how I’m now a convert of cleansing balms and the Eve Lom cleanser is one of the best. Eve believes in the old adage that less is more. I know what she means. As cleansers go it’s a simple product that applied to your skin melts away make up and impurities with a whisk of the natty little muslin cloth leaving it glowing and soft. Simple but very effective.

The texture of the Eve Lom cleanser allows you to spend a minute or two massaging it into your skin. In fact the feel of it under your fingertips makes it irresistible to do so. This act of massaging brings blood, nutrients and oxygen to the skin giving it a healthy glow and powerful anti-ageing benefits.

Of course there’s more to Eve Lom than just her iconic cleanser. Rescue Mask is also a cult product that refreshes and brightens the skin and has a huge following. That’s got to be worth a try.



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