Bridal Tanning Tips with Xen-Tan

You’ve probably spent months or even years planning your special day, from picking your dress to planning your hair and make-up, but don’t forget that very important finishing touch…a stunning golden glow. So, here at Beauty Expert, as part of our fabulous summer wedding campaign, we’ve teamed up with the professional tanning experts Xen Tan who have put together the best bridal tanning tips for achieving that beautiful golden glow.

Most brides want a healthy, natural looking tan to set off their white dress for the big day, which is why all of Xen-Tan’s self tans contains olive undertones which give skin the most natural looking sun-kissed glow (no orange legs here!). Known as the Trusted Tan, Xen-Tan’s advanced time-release formula means that even the fairest of skin tones can enjoy a gorgeous tan that will never go too dark and never streak. Easy to apply, with a beautiful fresh fragrance, and packed with premium moisturisers, it glides on easily and fades flawlessly – giving you the confidence you need when all eyes are on you!

Xen Tan’s Top Tanning Tips

  • Preparation is key – You need to properly prep your skin to achieve an even, flawless colour. Exfoliating with an oil free product like Xen-Tan Body Scrub removes dead skin cells and allows the tan to be applied more evenly. As it’s oil free, it won’t break up your colour and cause patchiness, and it also lets the tan ‘bond’ with your skin – resulting in a longer-lasting colour. Be sure to avoid any oil and alcohol based products including deodorant and perfume immediately after tanning as these can prevent the tan from developing
  • Make sure you do a trial run beforehand – 1 month gives sufficient time to ensure you’re happy with the application, the smell, the overall colour and how it fades. Trial 2-3 self-tans a few times before making the final decision. Build up a gradual tan or try different formulations to find out which ones suits your skin tone and type – experiment with lotions, a mousse, gel or mist application as these can all affect the finished result.
  • Choose the right location to apply your tan – Make sure the room is bright and preferably has a large mirror so you can see all angles. If you’re a novice, then make sure you stand on something which can be wiped clean or put in the washing machine, just in case you drop or spill your self tan!
  • Don’t forget your face. Relying on a darker shade of foundation to help your face match your newly tanned body could end in disaster. Instead, use a specialist face tan like Xen-Tan Face Tanner Luxe to ensure your skin is being looked after properly whilst you tan. Before applying tan to the face, apply Vaseline to your brows to avoid product from gathering, and avoid directly applying tan to areas where you don’t naturally tan – especially under the eyes as you don’t want any dark circles to be exaggerated! Apply to clean skin just before bed for best results, as the tan will have 8 hours to develop when you won’t touch your face and won’t get skin wet. When applying tan to the face – dab a small amount of product on the forehead, nose and chin. Then using a cotton pad or mitt, sweep outwards from the centre of your face for a natural sun-kissed effect.
  • Keep skin hydrated. The best way to keep your tan looking deep and flawless for even longer is to keep skin thoroughly hydrated. Don’t use products that contain oil as these will strip the colour and make it go patchy. Oil free moisturisers like Xen-Tan Scent Secure will keep your tan looking beautiful for days and days. After bathing, make sure you pat yourself dry rather than rubbing with a towel, so your skin stays slightly damp then apply your oil free moisturiser.
  • The honeymoon and beyond – if you want to keep your beautiful golden glow through your honeymoon and beyond, then keep skin hydrated, exfoliate every few days, and top up with a gradual daily tanner like Xen-Tan Transform Luxe every other day to keep skin smooth, and colour at the depth of tan you want.

Kerry Courtney

Kerry Courtney

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