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When you’re wondering how best to look after your skin, do you ever wish that you had an expert on hand to point you in the right direction? Well so do we, which is why thought we’d put some questions to an expert skin care pharmacist so that we’re well in the know about the latest tips for healthy skin!

Do you strain your brain wondering what the best skin care routine may be? Maybe you’re unsure which ingredients will work well with your skin? Perhaps you’re just looking for alternative ways to keep your skin healthy alongside your current skin care products? Here at BeautyExpert we have the answers to all of these questions and more thanks to the advice of an industry expert, so have a read through these tips for healthy skin and get ready to take notes!

Let’s start with lifestyle – what should I eat and drink to keep my skin healthy?

We always hear people talk about a good balanced diet and I believe this is so true. Make sure you have food rich in vitamin A, C and E. Include fruits like berries and plums which help with their antioxidant properties. Don’t cut out oils and carbs completely as these provide essential oils and selenium which is required for cell rejuvenation and radiance. Water is also really important for our skin as it not only hydrates it but provides oxygen to our skin to help in all its functions.

How much sleep should I get per night to keep my skin healthy?

I would say about 8 hours is perfect – it gives the skin the chance to detoxify and rebuild itself. The gorgeous Jodie Kidd, who needs to maintain healthy skin for her model lifestyle in the spotlight, recently trailed the effects of 6 hours sleep compared to 8 hours – she noticed clear short term damage to her skin with less sleep, and on average participants of the trail saw wrinkles increased by 45% and spots increased by 13% over a stretch of five nights. Head to bed early to keep your skin healthy and happy.

Does exercise encourage healthy skin?

Exercise helps to improve blood flow and will improve nourishment. It also helps boost collagen and regulate other systems such as hormone balance. Just make sure you don’t work out with makeup on your skin as sweat and makeup mixed together will not do your pores any good.

What else can I do to help my skin?

Always use sun protection – even when it looks dull outside. Nothing ages our skin like sun does.

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When it comes to skin care, which one product should I use every day?

It is essential to get a into a skin care routine to make sure we are really looking after our skin. This starts with making sure we use a cleanser twice a day (when we wake up and before going to bed). Cleansing ensures we remove any impurities from our skin such as dirt, excess oils and even bacteria. During the day we accumulate all sorts of nasty stuff on our skin through pollution, makeup etc. – this can lead to our pores getting blocked and eventual breakouts. During the night, our skin tends to rebuild itself and detoxifies, and if our skin is not clean then this will interfere with the process.

What is your recommended skin care routine?

I personally follow cleansing with a toner and then either a serum or a moisturiser depending on how my skin feels. A lot of people use both together and that is perfectly fine too. I also like to treat myself with a nice mask once or twice a week after exfoliating.

How often should I change my skin care products?

This I really believe depends on individuals. I have heard different time periods but if something is working for you then by all means you can stick to that routine. If you are trying a new product then make sure you give it at least 4 weeks before changing your mind as this is how long our skin takes to show a real difference. As well as this, try not to introduce too many products together as this can confuse the skin. Even leaving a few days between products can lead to better adapting.

What products or ingredients can aid oily skin?

To manage oily skin, always look for products that state ‘non-comedogenic’ to avoid any breakouts, like the Pai Perfect Balance: Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream. Products that have glycolic acid (try the Alpha-H Micro Cleanse Exfoliant), salicylic acid and sulphur are also great for oily skin. Clay based masks and washes containing benzoyl peroxide will also help to manage acne.

What products or ingredients are good for treating dry skin?

Hyaluronic acid (like in the Caudalie Moisturising Mask), peptides and oils such as jojoba, coconut and rose hip seed are all nourishing for dry skin. Try out the Jurlique Body Cream containing jojoba and carrot oils to treat dehydrated skin all over the body. With dry skin, make sure you exfoliate as well as this can help to remove dead skin.

How should I tackle combination skin?

Combination skin can be difficult to manage and it fluctuates between dry and oily at different times. I would use a gentle cleanser and then treat the t-zone with toner and dry areas with a hydrating serum or a moisturiser. Follow this with matte makeup – perhaps start with the Youngblood Natural Mineral Foundation – and always apply sunscreen.


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The next time you’re looking for expert skin care advice, check out these tips for healthy skin to get you glowing! Discover luxury skin care and body care products at and save with free delivery worldwide.



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